Monday, April 20, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite With S Pen Unveiled [Specs + Price]

Samsung has been rolling out lite versions of of its flagships for smartphones so it is only natural that the company from Korea is finally unveiling a lite version of their flagship tablet as well. Behold the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 which looks almost like a carbon copy of its the premium version but with a few cutbacks of course. But the moment you take a closer look, you will know that that's where the similarity ends.

10.4-inch TFT display

First thing first, the display on Tab S6 Lite is different from the premium version as it is smaller at 10.4-inch and has a resolution of 2400x1200. Apart from that the display on the watered down tablet is a cheaper TFT panel instead of a better OLED panel. The good news is that the screen will support an S Pen despite being a budget version of the more premium S6 tablet. Though the S Pen included is not the latest Bluetooth-enabled which supports air gestures, it is still an amazing inclusion for a tablet. How many tablets are actually supporting direct stylus input with dedicated apps?

S Pen is included in Tab S6 Lite! Yay!

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is powered by 1.7GHz Exynos octa-core processor and is complemented by 4GB of RAM 64GB of internal storage. Though the storage is somewhat small for today's standard, there is option to expand storage via SD Card. If you feel that the internal storage is not sufficient, you can always opt for the more advanced LTE variant of Tab S6 Lite with 128GB of internal storage. In terms of battery life, Tab S6 Lite has a huge 7,040mAh battery that can last up to 12 hours on a single charge via USB-C cable.

Here is something that the cheaper Tab S6 Lite has over the premium model-a headphone jack. Yes! We all have to agree that not everyone loves to use wireless earbuds to enjoy their movies or music, so having a headphone jack which does not need to be charged is a big plus actually, considering that you will be most probably be watching a lot of movies, youtube clips and listening to music using a tablet. Big win here!

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Specifications

Familiar One UI 2.1

As for software, it should be snappy and almost identical to the premium Tab S6 with the absence of DeX support of course. The Tab S6 Lite will be loaded with Android 10 and Samsung's in-house One UI 2.1 skin. Hence it will be very easy to use and navigate especially if you are a Samsung fan. Available in 3 different colours namely Angora Blue, Chiffon Rose and Oxford Gray, Tab S6 Lite will be hitting stores in May 2020.

Which colour of Tab S6 Lite do you like?

Here comes the answer that "tablet hunters" have been waiting for-How much will this Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite cost?

Standard Tab S6 Lite (4GB RAM +64GB Storage): US$349 (RM1,699)
LTE Tab S6 Lite (4GB RAM + 128GB Storage): US$399


  1. They look superb and sophisticated but the prices.....

    1. It is actually quite reasonable compared to the standard version which is RM3k. LOL :D