Sunday, April 19, 2020

7 Reason Why Eating Cookies Is Good For You

Benefits of Eating Cookies

Who doesn't like to indulge in cookies right? Yours truly me love to eat cookies too-a lot of them to be precise. And I am lucky to have a wife who can bake unbelievably tasty cookies that are just good to binge on. Nothing beats a few good pieces of sinfully delicious cookies dipped into lusciously tasty fresh milk right? Heck! I can't think of anyone who can resist cookies unless you are allergic to it. Here are a few benefits of eating cookies that we all should share:

Benefits of Eating Cookies

7 Reasons Why Eating Cookies Is Good For You

1. They Nourish Your Soul
Research has shown that consuming at least a piece of cookie each day will lift your mood, making you happier and helping you to lead a more fulfilled life. Wow! Sounds kinda incredulous right? But it "tastes" just right.

2. Make More Friends
Like I have aforementioned, almost everybody enjoys a good bite of cookie right? Nobody (almost) on their right mind will reject cookies even if they are on a diet. So no matter what the occasion is like landing a new job, going to a new school, all you need is to bring some cookies and share them. Yo will make new friends instantly for sure!

Benefits of Eating Cookies
Kids of course love them so much!

3. There Are Literally Hundreds of Different Cookies
Surely there is always a different flavour of cookie that will suit your taste buds. Don't like chocolate chip? No worries, there are literally hundreds of combination of ingredients for you can mix and match to delight you.

4. Nutritiously Healthy & Balanced Meal
Since there are so many different recipes to adapt to and change, you can make your own recipes. Meaning that you can substitute ingredients like white sugar with brown sugar and other healthier options to make your cookies more nutritionally sound. You can even add certain ingredients to make your cookies more 'balanced', containing all the nutrients that your body needs ranging from protein to vitamins. In other words, there it no need to forego your favourite snacks anymore. Just swap some ingredients and you can start munching again!

Benefits of Eating Cookies
Healthy bites every time

5. Portion-Control Your Cookies
There is no need to be guilty for eating cookies. Worried that you will be binge-eating too many huge pieces of cookies? Fret not! You just need to resize them to smaller pieces if you are baking them on your own. If you are buying them from your supermarket it is easy to count the calories as well. At least easier than eating spoons after spoons of ice cream right?

Benefits of Eating Cookies
Even children can learn how to make cookies.

6. Easy To Make
Cookies not only serve as a healthier option of meal replacement, they can also be quick bites that are easy to make. Yupe~you need the most 15 minutes to whip out the ingredients and usually not more than 30 minutes of waiting time for your cookies to get into your tummy.

7. Cookies Help You Find Your Soul Mate
You can always find someone on any dating websites who love eating cookies, right? Both men and women love their potential significant other to enjoy good food in life which includes cookies. Personally speaking, one of the main reasons why I am drawn to my wife is her ability to make cookies. LOL 😆

Benefits of Eating Cookies
YES! That's why I am crazily in love with my wife. 😍

There you have it folks~7 extra reasons for you to eat cookies right away. So now when someone tells you that eating cookies is unhealthy or bad, show them this post right now. OK! I am leaving now to eat my cookies with fresh milk right now.

Benefits of Eating Cookies
So go ahead and eat tonnes of cookies 😁


  1. You are hilarious and should sell your wife's cookies online. I didn't know we can eat them with milk!!!!

    1. What? You are not eating them with fresh milk? OMG! LOL :D