Sunday, April 5, 2020

Salty Coffee-A Love Story

A timid man met her dream girl at a party. She was outstandingly charismatic and elegant, so it made perfect sense that many guys were going after her. Of course nobody really paid any attention to the man mentioned earlier and definitely not the girl that everyone was talking about that night. Still, he mustered enough courage and walked towards the girl after the party. He invited her for coffee at a cafe nearby. She was dumbstruck but then again as she did not want to be rude, she agreed to go along.

As they sat in that nice cafe, he was too nervous to say anything. The girl started to feel uncomfortable as he was being extremely nervous and fumbling for words to say. Tongue-tied, the man knew that it had to snap out of it. Suddenly he asked the waitress, "Could you please give me some salt? I'd like to put it in my coffee." Both the waitress and the girl looked at him in disbelief. He turned red but when the salt did come, he added a few spoons of it into his coffee and started to sip his salty coffee.

Being very curious, the girl asked the man, "Why salt with coffee?" He took a deep breath and explained, "You see when I was a little boy, I lived near the sea. I liked playing on the sea...I could feel its taste-salty. That is why I like salty coffee. So every time I drink it, I think of my childhood and hometown. I miss it and my parents who are still there." Upon hearing what he had uttered, her eyes began to watered a bit.

She was deeply touched by his words and sentimentality. A man who can admit that he's homesick must love his home and care about his family. He must be a very responsible and loving man. Soon she began to talk too, about her faraway hometown, her childhood and of course her family. So in that cafe that night, that was how their love story had began and the rest was history. As they continued to date, she discovered that he met all her requirements. He was tolerant, kind, smart, warm and reliable. She would have missed him if not for the salty coffee, right?

A few years later, the tied their knots and lived happily together for many decades to come. And every time she made coffee for the love of her life, she would put in some salt, just the way he liked it. After 40 wonderful years, he passed away and left her a letter which said:

"My dearest, please forgive my lifelong lie. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous that I asked for salt instead of sugar. It was hard for me to ask for a change, so I just went ahead. I never thought that we would hit it off. Many times, I tried to tell you the truth, but I was afraid that it would ruin everything. Sweetheart, I don't exactly like salty coffee. But it mattered so much to you that I have learnt to enjoy it. Having you with me was my greatest happiness. If I could live a second time. I hope we can be together again, even if it means that I have to drink salty coffee for the rest of my life."

Sometimes in life, we make changes for the person that we love dearly. We go out of our way just to make him or her happy. We try and learn new different things just to be even closer to our beloved one. What do you think? So have you had your coffee? Do you want to try a cup of salty coffee?

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