Monday, March 23, 2020

Website Helps Its Players To Get Weekly Rebate On Losses

The global online gambling market is one of the biggest in the world, and it is projected to be worth over USD 102 billion by 2025. Countries all around the world are slowly beginning to realize the potential positive benefits that gambling can have on their economy, and this has resulted in the gradual decriminalization of different forms of gambling in various parts of the globe. While it may be a long while until every single nation embraces the widely loved recreational activity, we are getting there, slowly but steadily. 

The reason for this rapid growth can largely be attributed to the advent of online gambling. For every single real-life tangible gambling activity that exits out in the world, it has a virtual counterpart. From poker, all the way to horse racing, millions of people are choosing to wager their money on the world wide web. It only makes perfect sense to do so, with online betting being so convenient and accessible. With several gambling portals supporting multi-device access, users can bet on the go, from anywhere, anytime they please. 

But there is a particular sense of skepticism among people (old bettors and new) when it comes to online betting. It is understandably not easy to trust an establishment whose profits come from the losses of its customers. But if there’s one betting website that deserves every bettor’s unyielding trust, it’s RescueBet, and here’s why.

RescueBet is Malaysia’s leading online betting website, and it is host to a diverse range of wagering options such as sports betting, live casino, eSports betting, slot games and fishing games, to name a few. Each of these categories further has a wide assortment of choices under them for users to pick from. Every single RescueBet member is truly spoilt for choice. 

Perfect for an avid fan of betting, a user can go from playing roulette to betting on the NBA semi-finals, to staking money on the League of Legends World Championship, all in an instant. Since there are all sorts of competitions and tournaments taking place all over the world at any given time, a member of RescueBet will always have something to bet on. They can also expect the most accurate odds, the most trustworthy bookmakers, and the best dealers. What’s more, all of RescueBet’s casino games have live dealers, and their sportsbook has an in-play betting option. 

It is true that, more often than not, online betting websites give their customers heaps of bonuses at quite a frequent rate. Welcome bonuses, free bets, free spins – RescueBet has it all, sans the unreasonably high wagering requirements that one may find at a different gambling portal. But if there is one feature worth mentioning that is unique to RescueBet are the rebates that are offered to members. 

It is rather unfortunate but fair to say that losses are an unavoidable part of gambling. Everyone will lose multiple bets, no matter how careful, experienced, or lucky they are. Risk and betting go hand in hand, and this is an undeniable fact. While it can be argued that this risk and uncertainty is what makes betting entertaining, most people would prefer not to lose large sums of money each time they make a wager. This is where the rebates step in. 

Rebates are essentially cashbacks. If a person loses a bet, they will be given a part of their stake back, so that their loss doesn’t impact them too much. RescueBet offers all its members a rebate every single week, and they are one of the only betting website in the world to do this. This means that once every seven days, RescueBet will deposit a certain percentage of their member’s losses into their wallet without fail. Essentially, the more a person plays and the more they lose, the more they make back as rebates. For sport betting fans, RescueBet offers a 15% rebate option, and for those who love online casinos, RescueBet will refund them for up to 18% of their losses. 

In contrast, virtual slots enthusiasts will be awarded a rebate of up to 13%. To be eligible for this offer: just sign up, head over to their promotions page and claim the offer. Now keep in mind that there are some very reasonable wagering requirements in place, which means that a member will have to make a certain number of bets before they can access their bonus money, but what good thing doesn’t come with a catch? RescueBet has a 30x wagering requirement, which is a smart move. Not only does this system encourage engagement, but it also awards some of their most loyal members.

Free bets, welcome bonuses, free spins and the like are great, there’s no doubt about it. All these promotions are incredibly common on most betting websites as well as RescueBet. However, the latter goes the extra mile by actually giving a portion of the member's stake back to them if they lose it. Essentially, RescueBet provides every single member with a safety net they can fall back on if things go awry. 

Just about anyone can tell that RescueBet prioritizes their members over all else. The gambling portal puts a genuine effort into making them happy and tries their very best to earn every single user’s trust. They are undeniably one of the most accommodating portals on the internet. Not only do they provide an array of betting options, but they also accept multiple payment methods, and are one of the only betting websites in the world to accept cryptocurrencies, bitcoin to be more specific, as a valid withdrawal and deposit method. Signing up and gambling with RescueBet is one of the smartest decisions a punter can make, so head on over today for the best betting experience ever.

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