Monday, March 23, 2020

Happy Birthday My Dearest Wifey (2020)

We had planned to do so many things during the March holidays but unfortunately the highly contagious Covid-19 virus has other plans for almost everyone on Planet Earth right now. So here we are, most of us being locked away in the comfort of our own homes, which might not be a bad thing. As I have aforementioned, my family and I were supposed to be travelling North to enjoy our vacation and celebrate my dearest wife's birthday. So now we are celebrating her birthday at home. Yay 😁

 Jasmine girl was very excited to throw a birthday party for his mother

As Wayne Dyer put it, "You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." Love this quote so much as it truly reflects what we should be focusing on. Instead of lamenting on what is totally out of our hands, why don't we work on our circle of influence right? So our babies and me happily planned and threw a very meaningful birthday party for my wife. Honestly I believe she is very, very happy with her big day despite being trapped at home.

Jordan decorated the balloons with his creativity. 😀

Both of Jordan boy and Jasmine girl were very excited to prepare birthday party for their mommy. Honestly I am touched and proud to see how much they care about their mother's big day. They went out of their way (instead of playing with toys and watching cartoons) to prepare the colourful balloons, the decoration and most importantly birthday presents. Prior to their mother's birthday, both of them had been busy drawing, colouring and writing birthday cards. They were quite pumped to go extra miles for their mommy. 😝

Yours truly me cooking in the kitchen 😆

As we could not go out to buy any birthday cake, my wife insisted that she bake one to celebrate her own birthday, knowing that her husband would not be able to properly whip one out. So my wife took some time to bake a lovely sponge cake that all of would really enjoy later at night. But I did have a plan to "bake" a cake for her-will be revealed later. Guess what kind of cake did I "bake"? Read on to find out at the bottom.

Wifey said my Spaghetti Carbonara was al dante 

 Simple Italian birthday dinner prepared by me.

Let's dig in

Once in a blue moon I would be in the kitchen, cooking for my family and yesterday was one of the rare days. Since it was my wife's birthday, it made perfect sense for her to rest (besides baking a cake) while I grabbed the frying pan and cooked for all of us. For dinner, I decided to cook something simpler, so I did an Italian job! After wagging war with the pots, woks and frying pans I finally managed to dish out Spaghetti Carbonara with meatballs, fried chickens, chicken cocktails, one sunnyside egg and mushroom soups. I am glad that everyone especially my wife enjoyed their dinner. 😋

 Singing birthday song for their mother

Mommy was of course very happy with her babies around

Just when my wifey thought there was no more surprises, I was busy in the kitchen, "baking" a birthday cake for her. Honestly I had no confidence in baking a real one, so yours truly me opted to "assemble" one instead. So I use Oreo ice cream as my base and started to deck the cake with Oreo Tiramisu Thins, stacked a few more on top and added some kit kat and a few Zees Wafer Rolls. Then I finished it with a birthday candle and a "Happy Birthday signage". My wife was of course quite happily surprised with the birthday cake that I had "baked" for her.  LOL 😁

And now for the second birthday cake that I had "baked"! 
1. Oreo Ice Cream as base
2. Oreo Tiramisu Thins
3. Zees Tiramisu Wafer Roll
3. Munchy's Lexus
4. Kitkat

What do you think? 

My beloved wife was of course very happy. Ha 😍

Last but not least was of course her birthday presents that I had stealthily hidden in my wardrobe. So just before I took my shower, I asked my wife to grab my shirt for me on a pretext that I was kinda dirty. So when she pushed open the wardrobe, she saw her presents waiting for her. The smile on my wife's face was all that I needed-it was priceless. I am glad that I bought the gifts one month ago, knowing that such "lockdown" was imminent. Phew! So mission accomplished for this year. Gotta start planning for next year's birthday now. Here's to 60 more birthdays that I will be celebrating with you (I will be 95 years old then). 😘

Happy Birthday to you~my one and only beloved wifey. 😘

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