Wednesday, March 25, 2020

34GB of Data for RM79 Without Weekend/Weekday Restriction

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan The Best In Malaysia

A reliable postpaid with good coverage and huge data is very important for us to fully benefit the various features of our smartphone right? That is why it is important for us to choose a postpaid plan that will give you the most bang for your money! Enter Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan that will give you a whopping 34GB of data at only RM79 without any weekend or weekday restriction! How cool is that right? Need more data? Pinggir Armada has got another ultra value-for-money Unlimited Postpaid Plan at only RM139.

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan The Best In Malaysia
Affordable high speed Internet for everyone

You must be asking~who on earth is Pinggir Armada right? For starter, Pinggir Armada has been around for more than 20 years since its inception in 1999, providing excellent services in VOIP, Internet Data and Cloud Services just to name a few. Hence with decades of experience in telecommunication, they are one of the most trusted telcos in Malaysia to provide great postpaid plans in at affordable prices. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can stay connected wherever you in Malaysia are thanks its extensive network coverage.

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan The Best In Malaysia
With Pinggir Armada Postpaid 34GB Postpaid Plan you can use Internet anytime you want

With today's content and multimedia becoming more and more data-hungry, it is getting increasingly important to choose a quality postpaid plan that will not only provide you with huge number of data but also affordable monthly price that will not break your bank! As I have already mentioned, Pinggir Armada Postpaid plan offers 34GB of high speed unrestricted Internet for only RM79. That means you will only need to pay RM2.70 daily to enjoy this unbelievable postpaid plan which is one of the best in its class. Let's compare this postpaid plan with the other available ones in the market right now:

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan The Best In Malaysia

As you can see in terms of price per GB Pinggir Armada's Postpaid is the best with RM2.30 per GB. The best part is you can use all 34GB of your High Speed Internet with no strings attached. Meaning that you can use all of the data any day without any quota for weekdays for weekends. If you want enjoy limitless High Speed Internet without being throttled, then you should consider the Pinggir Armada's RM139 Unlimited Internet that will give you buttery smooth Internet connection that will ensure gaming, streaming of Youtube videos and binge-watching movies on Netflix will be snappy.

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plan The Best In Malaysia

Pinggir Armada Postpaid Plans:

34GB High Speed Internet: RM79
Unlimited High Speed Internet: RM139

On top of that Pinggir Armada also has this ongoing promotion for RedTone Ring:
Get cash rebate up to 6% if you make payment through RedTone Ring under Pinggir Armada!

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