Friday, March 13, 2020

Melaka Avocado Famous No 1 Is Better Than Bubble Milk Tea?

Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink

If you were to ask me if I love eating avocado, the answer will be a loud NO! Partly because it smells funny to me~it has got that rotten egg smell to it, right? So after being persuaded by my beloved wife who is a big fan of avocado, I have decided to give avocado a try. But instead of eating them, I choose to drink Avocado! Enter Melaka Avocado Famous No 1 (formerly known as Melaka Avocado Choc Viral) which serves unbelievably DAMN tasty blended avocado beverages that will totally blow away your mind! So is it better than bubble milk tea? It is difficult to compare but avocado itself is a very healthy food to consume so it yeah. Read on to find out about my review.

Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink
Welcome to Melaka Avocado Famous No. 1

Situated along Jalan Limbongan (address and map at the bottom), it is quite easy to locate Melaka Avocado Famous No 1 as you will be seeing lots people lining up to get their fills of the delicious avocado shake! Being a Malaccan, it is a shame that I did not try this beverage earlier as I didn't like avocado. But now I must confess that I am a big fan of avocado thanks to the creamy avocado shake that has danced with my tastebuds. Do give it a try and trust me, you will not regret it~ask me as I am not an avocado lover. LOL 😋

Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink
I was lucky to be there early. So I didn't have to wait too long. 😁

You might be asking what you can order when you are at the doorstep of the most viral avocado drinks stall (or shop) in Melaka right? Well avocado drinks of course! But based on the menu that I could see scribbled on the wooden planks next to the counter, there are 13 different types of avocado drinks for you to choose from! Yes 13 different types so you can actually have your weekly avocado fix and still will not get bored by drinking them. So let us see what are the different flavours of avocado shakes that you can indulge in:

Look at the menu on the wooden planks. Creative right? 👍😉
Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink

13 Different Types of Avocado Shake Beverages (MENU)

  1. Original Top 1 Special
  2. Cream Cheese Avocado
  3. Caramel Avocado
  4. Pearl Gula Melaka Avocado
  5. Nutella Avocado
  6. Blueberry Avocado
  7. Pearl Chocolate Avocado
  8. Milo Avocado
  9. Strawberry Avocado
  10. Pearl Gula Melaka Avocado
  11. Chocolate Gula Melaka Avocado
  12. Chocolate Special Avocado
  13. Original Gula Melaka Avocado

Since it was my very first time visiting this place, I decided to order not 1, not 2 but 3 different flavours of Avocado shakes to sample. I bought the Original Top 1 Avocado Special, Nutella with Ice Cream Avocado and last but not least Pearl Gula Melaka Avocado. Being a skeptic, it was a bit difficult for me to even look at in the first place. But the moment I had my first sip, I immediately understood why it is known as Melaka Avocado Famous No 1! The blended avocado together with other ingredients such as Nutella and Gula Melaka really made the drinks even more delicious than it already was on its own. My...words alone cannot describe how good these avocado shakes I had were.

Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink
 Ordered 3 different Avocado shakes to indulge in!

Melaka Avocado Menu Famous No 1 Must Eat Food Drink
(Left) Nutella with Ice Cream Avocado, Original Top 1 Avocado Special and Pearl Gula Melaka Avocado

So if you happen to be in Melaka during the weekends or during the holidays on your vacation, make sure to add this Melaka Avocado Famous No 1 in your itinerary for a quick pit stop to quench your thirst. It is definitely one of the must try top food/beverages in Melaka. To say that it is overrated is absurd as yours truly me have personally tried it and can vouch for its fresh, yummy-licious taste. So back to my question: Is avocado shake a healthier option compared to bubble milk tea? I guess the answer is a slight YES. And I really want to try Milo Avocado next. 😋

Avocado Melaka Famous No. 1
Address: Jalan Limbongan, Kampung Limbongan, 75200 Klebang, Melaka.
Opening Hours: 10a.m.-7p.m. daily
Contact Number: 011-16430769