Friday, March 6, 2020

Durian Power-Bank To Charge Your Smartphones

Durian lovers rejoice as we have yet another reason to love our favourite, creamy fruit even more. Apparently the King of Fruits-durian has been proven to have the capability to generate electrical energy which can be used to charge your digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. Wow! So now fruits can be used as charger as well? 😝

Imagine all these Durians are your new Power Banks!

According to associate professor Vincent G. Gomes who led a group of Australian-based scientists, durian as well as jackfruit can naturally produce electricity. Based on their findings published on ScienceDirect, they discovered a way to turn the waste fruit cores from durian and jackfruit into high-performing electrochemical supercapacitors. Or in plain English, both durian and jackfruit can be transformed into powerbanks to store energy.

So durian will cost more in the future?

Interestingly, the scientists at the University of Sydney claimed that both the fruits can supercharge your electrical devices ranging from smartphones to even electric cars! This is because of the structural precision of natural biomass of both these fruits. They possess an integrated mass of high surface area, in-plane connectivity and inter-facial space which aids in various electrochemical reactions. In the experiment, the excoriated samples from the inedible spongy core of both durians and jackfruits were turned into black, ultra porous  forms of gel. This porosity makes it ideal to create devices to store energy...Everything mentioned in the findings sounds very futuristic if you ask me. 😂

Of course you can always choose a mini Durian Power-Bank

This is indeed a good discovery as humanity aims to reduce environmental pollution. So by converting food waste into useful products, we can kill two birds with one stone. I wonder if the  capability of these Durian "Power Bank" depends on the variety of durians? For example will Musang King durian be able to store more energy to charge your smartphone? Time will tell and I guess durians will cost more in the future. LOL 😂

Images credit: Shutterstock