Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why "FORCE" Us To Learn Jawi Script?

The teaching & learning of Jawi script in (Chinese & Tamil) schools are downright regressive and unnecessary. Though it is now being watered down to being "optional" after much resistance, one can't help but feel that you are FORCED to learn this or you will be labelled as unpatriotic and even worse-"RACIST"! It is a shame that Mahathir has lost his wisdom and is actually supporting this absurd policy (or is he the one who is championing this?).

This ABSURDITY is really unfathomable. By FORCING our younger generations (especially the Chinese and Indians) to learn something that is NOT THEIRS to begin with is truly dim-witted and draconian!

Don't forget that MALAYSIA IS NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY and it is a fact that Jawi has LITTLE use or application-this is evident as it is now being relegated only for religious and cultural purposes in certain Islamic countries. Again you have to remember that this beloved country of ours is a multi-racial nation for everyone.

It is a shame that our so-called newly elected government who is supposed to lead our NEW MALAYSIA is so narrow-minded and atrocious, insidiously plotting against the the people who have voted them for a better future. So far they have countless opportunities to prove that they are different from the previous vile governance; But they didn't want to do so. They have turned their backs against us and keep on doing things that are rationally senseless!

Another loathsome figure(s) that I would have to single out is Mazlee Malik-our Education Minister who is nothing but an incompetent person who is set to destroy our already faltering education. He could have done the right things to help our education system to get back on track. NO! Instead he chooses to change the colour of our shoes; He could have got rid of the unfair "racist" quota system which is morally wrong but instead chooses to keep on playing his "colourful" cards. And now he wants to introduce Jawi script learning in all primary schools? I now hate him more than all the inept UMNO rotters that had plagued our nations for decades. Wait...then again this foolish Mazlee might have just been a puppet to help his master plot the downfall of Malaysians as a whole.

Think about this...

Other countries (Singapore, Japan & Finland just to name a few) are educating their children to be responsible, competitive GLOBAL CITIZENS who will be knowledgeable and far-sighted to shoulder their respective nations in the future.YET, we Malaysians are at the mercy of our brainless education policies which have again and again failed us. Why is that so? Why is tiny Singapore far ahead of us? After all both of us stood at the same starting line.

While the Japanese education minister is busy doing everything in their might, pushing their kids to learn coding and programming, we are busy introducing something that will have little or no use in our future? While other countries are helping their children to view programming as basic general knowledge of the future, we Malaysians are arguing about introduction of Jawi script which is of little importance to most of us!

Who ACTUALLY wanted this introduction of Jawi in primary schools in the first place? Were the stakeholders being consulted in the first place? Are parents' opinions being sought at all? The answers are NO, NO and NO!

Correct me if I am wrong but one can't help but feel that our education minister's mission is to purposely and systemically screw up our country's education so that the citizens will be STUPID, LAZY and INCOMPETENT. Then it will be easier for the government to control them by giving them "crutches" and "sweets". These measures of their have really worked well, haven't they?

Now that we are at it, can we introduce learning and teaching of mandarin in all primary schools as well? Since it is obviously (factually) a more widely used language which is of more economic importance. Period. about English? Are all of us Malaysians proficient enough to even call it as our second language? I doubt as many university graduates can't even string one proper sentence in their speech of writing. did they even pass their tertiary education? Hahaha :D

Yes, anyone can VOLUNTARILY learn and appreciate Jawi script as much as they want to. Nobody is stopping anybody to do. BUT not "force" our children to learn it.

Before you (racist haters) start barking, I would like you to know that Bahasa Malaysia is my mother tongue and it is beautiful and useful enough to hold all of us together.

P.S. It is time for us to be colour blind. Think about our younger generations. Don't let racial slurs spewed by those evil politicians wreak the future of our little ones.