Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Christmas Decorations @ Midvalley Megamall

I know this is a bit...well "late" but as the saying goes it is better late than never right? And one of the reasons why I love blogging is because it is my diary. So I am going to share what we have done during Christmas. After  taking our breakfast at Levain Boulangerie, we quickly made our way to our next destination for its Christmas decorations. Enter Midvalley-the place where we really love to enjoy the Christmasy atmosphere; Hence this has become sort of  like a yearly affair for us. :)

Welcome to the circus!

We arrived at around 10:15a.m. and yet we could barely find any parking space. Guess that is KL for you-city of people. Ha :D So after we had found that elusive parking spot, we made our way to the center of the mall to see how marvelous the Christmas decoration was this year. We were not disappointed of course. Welcome to the Circus! Yupe~that was the theme for the decorations for Christmas. It was exuberant and wacky to say the least. :)

Too bad there was no performance 

See...even the bear was waiting...

Just like any other circus, there were clowns who were juggling, acrobats who performed trapeze, unicycles (lots of them), and cannons to shoot men out into the sky (probably). There were even giant teddy bears and weightlifters who joined the circus show. Unfortunately all of them were inanimate. Otherwise it would be even more livelier. Of course, throngs of people were busy taking photos to post on their Instagram. :)

Christmas tree is a must. :) 

That Nutcracker looks mighty familiar...

There was a stage and elevated seats, probably for spectators to enjoy the show. Maybe we didn't come at the right there was nothing to see. The decorations reminded me of 2010 Funtoystic Christmas Decorations. So far, that was the best ever Christmas decorations I have ever seen in my entire life. Hopefully the management of Midvalley could bring back the Christmas magic and surprise us with a really, really unforgettable decorations. Then again, this Circus theme is really not bad. :)

Let's swing kor kor!

Mommy swinging with her two babies!

After taking some snaps, we started loitering around the mall to explore. Then we saw a swing...yeah...the kids were pretty excited as they seldom sees one. After swinging for some time, we decided that we should not be so "kampung". So off we went to search for a new adventure...that was when we saw a lot of horses *neigh* that were all...impaled! *gasp* Of course they were horses carousel ride. So calm horses were tortured for our entertainment. LOL :D The kids had fun of course.

Jordan boy is in his element~hiyeak! 

Our bubbly little Jasmine girl.

Moving on, we headed towards the ground floor to see if there was anything that we bite. Jasmine girl spotted Mr. Gingerbread Man and she wanted him so badly. So yeah...we bought for her one as it was Christmas after all. Then also stumbled upon something that really blew our minds...right in front of our eyes were ultra-realistic lipsticks, DSLR, peanuts, keys etc. which were all actually CHOCOLATES! Now that is something you don't see every day...not in Malacca. In the end, we did not buy any as it was pricey and we could not bring ourselves to eat such beautiful chocolate. :p

Beautiful Christmas cakes! 

Jasmine girl and her gingerbread man! 

Who wants to eat a camera? Lipstick? 

These chocolate are too beautiful to be eaten, no?

We really had a fun time sightseeing, riding horses, swinging around a little bit and of course did a bit of shopping before we really became hungry. Jordan and Jasmine love coming to Midvalley at least once a year. So are we coming back next Christmas? Of course. :p