Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Special Experience On Colorblind

All this while I thought people with colour blind will never be able to see things in their glorious true hues at all until I found out about this optical shop! ‭Last month, I accompanied my buddy, named B to this optical shop named USJ ‬‭OPTOMETRIST for a colorblind assessment. B has failed the color vision test previously during his pre-employment ‬‭medical check-up. He was required to pass this medical exam after succeeding at interview, in order for him to get the job. He then only found out that he is having this color vision problem. ‬

‭B asked me to tag along to this Optometry shop, whereby he found out through the Internet that they provide optical solution for color deficiency. Out of curiosity, I went along to test my color vision too. We managed to find the shop, by using waze. This shop is located in USJ 10, Taipan, Subang Jaya. B made an ‬appointment to consult Reuben around 1pm. ‬

‭Reuben attended to B when we entered the shop. He did power check for B initially. B currently is not wearing any spectacles.‬ ‭His vision was good even without glasses. After the vision assessment for far and near, Optometrist Reuben proceeded to check for the color vision. I saw that he used the color vision chart (Ishihara 38 Plates) to assess for B. This book sounds like some sort of Japanese name. The book contains of different dotted patterns with numbers in it. Some of it without numbers in it. I was amazed as normal optical shops have never done this before. From Reuben’s description of that book, the first and the last plate is visible for everyone to know how it looks like.

‭Without using any lenses, Reuben started to check B from the 1st plate to the last plate at the book with a reading distance of 50-60cm. B only managed to get 3 plates correct out of 38 plates. If minus off the 1st and the last plate, B only managed to scored 1 out of 38. He was quite sad at that time. Then Reuben started to put 2 different type of color density filters in front of B's eyes. After 5-10 minutes, he started to check for the best solution for B. By using the same book, B started to see the numbers clearly and managed to read out aloud with confidence. B managed to score 38/38. He was so happy at that time. Words cannot describe when I saw-the happiness in him where he knew that there’s solution for him. Such a prominent difference ‭between his emotion just 15 minutes apart. ‬

‭Optometrist Reuben explained the principle behind and started testing B using the colorblind contact lenses. So after wearing the special colorblind contact lenses, Reuben tested B using the same book and full MARKS scored. Then he continued testing B with other color vision test book too, like City University color vision test and another book named Pseudoisochromatic test. B passed all the tests and seeing the same numbers and color as me. 

The contact lenses consist of the special customized color density in the middle. When B wore the contact lenses, it is hardly noticeable even under bright room light. B told me that with the contact lenses on, he felt that he not only manage to read out the numbers in that book, he can also perceive the colors better, especially ‭red and green. He was very happy at that time. So, B decided to purchase from USJ Optometrist the pair of colorblind contact lenses. ‬

It's time to see things in their true colours.

‭Reuben told us that they do keep colourblind contact lens in stock as well. Reuben proceeded by teaching B the proper method of wearing the contact lenses. B was a fast learner, in less than few minutes, he wore the contact lenses on his eyes. After wearing it for 10 minutes, Reuben‬ ‭did vision chart assessment for B with the contact lens on. B managed to see clearly for far and near vision. Then B correctly identified all 38 plates from that Ishihara book. The optometrist ‬then ‭taught B how to remove the contact lenses and also the cleaning regime for the contact ‭lenses. From Reuben explanation, I knew that the contact lenses can be used up to at least 1 year and above, depending on the lenses condition and also the wearing lifespan. Both B and I learnt a lot today, we spent about 45 minutes throughout the whole check up. 

Save this photo for your reference.

There are a few types of ‭Color deficiencies and there are more like a genetic issue, which passed down from the ‬mother, and mostly affected the males. There is a small percentage for colorblind females as well (from Reuben past 6 years experience, he only has less than 10 females with color vision problem, but more than 100 males in same duration). 

  • Address: 28, Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1E, Taipan, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • Contact: 03-80119038
  • Business Hour: Mon - Sat: 11am -9pm; Sun: 11am-7pm
  • Facebook Page:

My buddy had a wonderful time and stated ‘It was a very unique eye check experience. I felt like missing those beautiful colors for many years. I can pass the Ishihara test and also confident to do the medical check-up eye exam. I will definitely share this wonderful experience to my brothers and other colorblind people and must go to USJ OPTOMETRIST for these lenses. ‘Dare to pursue your dream.’‭ More importantly now your life can be more COLORFUL. :)