Saturday, September 15, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 Is The Life-saving Smartwatch That We All Need

To be completely honest, I don't really fancy Apple iPhones as they are considered an unnecessary luxury that we should not be splurging our money on. Then again, I must admit that I am utterly flabbergasted with the latest release of Apple Watch-the Series 4. After it was unveiled, I must say that it is the best smartwatch I have seen so far in 2018. No other smart timepieces can even be mentioned in the same breath as the one crafted by Apple.

It was obvious that Apple is planning to be ahead of the rest with their new Watch Series 4. The display of the smartwatch is 30% bigger than its predecessor and the bezel has been trimmed down significantly as well to complement the stunning display. Apart from the beautiful screen, the speaker has been significantly improved and it is now 50% louder for optimized experience of using Siri, Walkie-Talkie feature and of course calls. Apple has also repositioned the microphone so that echoes can be reduced to to deliver crispy and vivid sound.

Life better life!

All these while I thought that smartwatches are merely for notification and well...tracking your fitness though not many has truly fulfilled this claim realistically. Here is where Watch Series 4 from Apple is different from the rest. It actually helps you to live a better life and it even has the capability to save your precious life. The vastly improved health tracking mechanism built in it makes saving your life a possibility now. Read on to find out!

Now comes with newly-added electrodes.

Besides housing optical sensor at the back of the smartwatch, electrodes have also been integrated into the sapphire glass underneath the Digital Crown. Thanks to these added new sensors, Watch Series 4 can now read ECG (ElectroCardioGram) right on your wrist! You just need to launch the app and touch the crown with your finger and the smartwatch will do the rest. Voila! It only takes 30 seconds for the ECG to be read.

Apple Watch Series 4 can read your ECG with 98% accuracy

Here's the astonishing news: Watch Series 4 is the first smartwatch to be approved by FDA for its ECG reader. FDA has released its study using the watch it was 98% at detecting atrial fibrillation (AF).  Do you know that atrial fibrillation can lead to stroke? Hence this feature alone will be valid reason for us to buy this life-saving timekeeper! On a side note, these recordings can be saved in the Health App and shared with your doctors.

It knows when you have fallen.

Here is another nifty feature that made this watch such a standout among its peers-Fall Detection. The watch can detect whether you have fallen or not. Once it has been detected a fall, it will ask you whether you want to contact any emergency services or not. If it does not sense any movement from you (assuming you are unconscious or suffering from heart attack etc.), it will automatically contact the emergency numbers available to ask for immediate help. Damn! This is truly a brilliant feature from Apple for its Watch Series 4. This will be ideal for our old folks or those with medical history. Hats 4 for the team behind this smartwatch!

Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch money can.

Under the hood, Watch Series 4 is powered by a new S4 64-bit dual-core processor that is 2X faster than its older sibling. In spite of the bigger screen and raw processing power, the watch maintains its 18-hour battery life just like its predecessor. When you are outdoor exercising with the GPS turned on, the watch can last up to 6 hours which is sufficient enough before you need another charge.

All in all, I would say that Apple Watch Series 4 is not a luxury, relatively speaking of course. In fact I think it is a good investment especially for those who can afford to wear one on their wrist. Available in two different models-GPS only and GPS+Cellular-Watch Series 4 comes in 3 different colours of gold, silver and space grey. The price tag for GPS only watch is US$399 (RM1650) while the Cellular version will cost you US$499 (RM2,000). Though some might argue its price point, I highly recommend Apple Watch Series 4 as your life-saving smartwatch!