Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Woman Who Can Cook Is The Most Beautiful Woman

I have always believed that no amount of make up, genetic lotteries or glamorous scanty clothes can be compared to the innate ability to provide the best for your husband and children. That is exactly what I love so much about my wife. She always puts us before herself which might not be a good thing all the time but it goes to show how devoted and loving she is as a wife and mother. Knowing that eating out is not entirely healthy, my wife has always tried to cook for us even during her working days!

 Wifey busy preparing dinner.

Sizzling salmon! :D

So today, even though it is a public holiday...my wife had insisted that she would cook lunch and dinner for all of us. Yupe! No disrespect to anyone, but I know some mothers who do not really care about what their children would eat as long as the little ones have something to shovel down their throats to stay "alive". These mothers have time to go for facial, apply make up and do manicure while wasting hours scrolling Facebook or Instagram, to look at other people's lives; BUT they don't have time to cook nutritious food for their kids! Personally such women...disgust me...but who am I to judge right? LOL :D

 Finishing touches...

Jasmine helping mommy to prepare dinner.

Mother and daughter do. :)

That's why I am really, really lucky to have my wife for she loves us more than herself. Of course in turn my children and I will love her EVEN MORE for all the sacrifices she has done for us. Trust me mothers: children know what kind of mothers are self-centered and not worthy to be called one. They know! Hence my children are always thinking about their mother all the time. To them, their mother is their world and one who will always prioritize them!

 Dinner is ready...almost.

Wifey dished out wholesome dinner for us!

Especially for Jordan and Jasmine with bigger portion of salmon. :) 

Extra greenies for us. 

My photo didn't do justice to this wonderful chilly made by my wife.

So this evening, my wife got out of her way to prepare a feast for us. She started as early as 4:30p.m. to get busy in the kitchen while my children and I were still napping. :( Altogether she prepared scrumptious dinner for six of us in the family. She had fried salmon, sausages, chicken chop, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet tomatoes and even mushroom soup! She even prepared her very own chilly for us to savour. All these troubles just for us to have an unforgettable dinner.

Jasmine said she wants be as smart as mommy as well as being a good cook! :) 

Jordan reiterated that he wants to marry a woman like his mother.

By the time she was almost done...it was around 6:30p.m. Imagine sweating it out 2 hours non-stop in the kitchen, dishing out delicious food just for us. Still when our dinner was served, my wife was all smile. That is the kind of devotion and love that we love so much about her. Let's talk about the food shall we? The stir-fried Norwegian salmon was really the highlight of our dinner. It was perfectly cooked and creamy. Dayum! I can't have enough of it.

My wife cooked this just for my father as he doesn't eat salmon, sausages or pork.

Next up was the succulent pork chop that my wife prepared specially for me. Knowing that yours truly me really loves to sink my teeth into these juicy, tender red meat, my wife took the extra trouble preparing it for me. As the kids love cheesy sausages, she cooked a few for them as well. Besides we also got to taste the perfectly steamed potatoes and corns which really complemented our meaty main course. She even spent time grinding her own homemade chilly which was not-to-spicy for all of us to savour. On top of that, she also prepared mushroom soup for all six of us. A lot of work indeed! Thank you for the dinner wifey! Muack

I would rate everything my wife cooks 20 out of 10 stars! 2 thumbs up!

Honestly I always told my beloved wife that she owed me in my previous life, hence this life I get to marry such a loving, doting wife and mother who really takes good care of the whole family. In actual fact...I am the one who owes her every single thing that I have right now; she is willing to marry me; she is willing to have babies with me; she is willing to cook for us. On top of that my wife is really smart (scored straight As in STPM) and beautiful which are bonuses for me. LOL :D So I am really, really lucky to have her as my wife because she is the world to me.

Nothing beats a meal made with love. :)

P.S.: Men: NEVER ever pick a woman as your wife solely based on her look or the way she dresses. Always choose a soul mate who will make you her world. This is the advice that I am giving my son.