Wednesday, June 27, 2018

U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plans With Unlimited Data For As Low As RM30

U Mobile has just introduced their best postpaid plan yet-the U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plans! Finally limitless mobile Internet has arrived for Malaysians. With U Mobile Giler Unlimited, you now have unlimited data to surf any websites, unlimited data to use any apps and you can also get unlimited calls*. In other words, these new Giler Unlimited plans give you totally unlimited Internet to feed our data hungry lifestyle. It is really a Giler (crazy) plan from U Mobile and it will certainly caused other telcos (Maxis, Celcom and Digi) to revamp their very own prepaid and postpaid plans as well to compete.

U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plan!

With just as low as RM30 (GX30-Prepaid) and RM50 (GX50-Postpaid) you get to enjoy U Mobile Giler Unlimited plans to enjoy unlimited Internet. What does this mean? So now you can stream music (Spotify), watch videos (Youtube), play mobile games (Mobile Legends) and stream Facebook Live without worrying about running out of data anymore. Damn! Essentially it means you will never need to buy any new Internet data top or keep on checking how much data is left after watching a few short clip of videos on Youtube.

It is time to set your mobile Internet free with U Mobile GX50 (postpaid) and GX30 (prepaid)

I believe a lot of Malaysians will switch to these latest U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plans soon. U Mobile aims to set the Internet FREE for Malaysians by providing unlimited Internet for everyone. No more restrictions and limits between weekdays and weekends Internet (DiGi); No more headache trying to select only a few apps that will get to enjoy to enjoy the so-called unlimited Internet. Now you can use your Internet the way it should be to do whatever you want without fear of depleting your Internet.

Added Bonus: Free 5GB of hotspot data!

For U Mobile GX50 Giler Unlimited Postpaid Plan at RM50 per month, you will get unlimited data for all apps and there is even unlimited calls to all networks. The best part is, at only RM50, you get 5GB of free hotspot data to share with your friends or simply to tether your other mobile devices or laptops. Indeed, this postplan is by far the best postpaid plan in Malaysia right now in terms of really free Internet.

Here is what you will get with U Mobile GX50

Comparison of postpaid plans among Maxis, Celcom and Digi.

As for U Mobile GX30 Giler Unlimited Postpaid Plan at RM30 per month, you will also get unlimited data for apps. However there is no calls included. Then again who really still relies on call when you can use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger for the same purpose right? Guess what? For RM30 with this plan, you will also get 3GB of free hotspot data to share with your pals or other gadgets. Talk about value for money huh!

U Mobile GX30 prepaid plan with 3GB of free mobile hotspot.

Here is the only catch: When it comes to connection or speed, the GX50 postpaid plan will be capped at a generous 5Mbps, while the GX30 prepaid is capped at 3Mbps which is still good considering the price point. Both postpaid and prepaid plans will let you enjoy unlimited music streaming and video watching in SD (Standard Definition) format; Which essentially means your videos will be streamed at a maximum resolution of 480p which is not too bad.

This is what you will get with U Mobile GX30 prepaid plan.

Comparison of prepaid plans among Maxis, Celcom and Digi.

Interested to sign up these crazy U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plans? For postpaid users, simply head to the nearest authorized dealer while prepaid users can get the new shiny starter pack at only RM8.50. The starter pack offers 300MB of data and is preloaded with a credit of RM6. If you are an existing U Mobile prepaid users, you just need to dial *118# to activate the new GX30 plan using the MyUMobile app.

Final Personal Thought
Honestly these new U Mobile Giler Unlimited Plans are really, really good in terms of the unlimited data or Internet that you get to enjoy. However it does come with a little drawback which is its speed. That is why I will strongly encourage those who want to switch to opt for the RM50 GX50 Postpaid plan as its speed is higher at 5Mbps and you get unlimited call plus 5GB of free hostpost. Being a Digi subscriber for 15 years, I am really hoping that Digi will roll our better value-added postpaid plans for loyal customers like me. Period.