Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Does the IRS Accept Symbols as Part of a Business Name When Applying for an EIN?

Starting a business can be an exciting and daunting task all at the same time. IRS-EIN Tax ID is an expert on all the tax-related and business beginning questions you may have. Our customer representatives are available around the clock for your business questions. They may include questions on how to obtain a tax ID for trust funds or how to apply for an EIN. One of the most popular questions that we often see is if you are allowed to use a symbol in your name and if the IRS will accept that. These are good and valid questions indeed.

Having a valid business name is vital to ensure the IRS will accept it when applying for your business tax id number. One of the key components to remember is that your name should make sense with your business. For example, you want your clients to be able to understand what you do and what you provide by just looking at your name. Your brand and name are very important as they reflect your reputation and your business.

Your business name is your brand.

That brings us back to our question of the day. To add symbol(s) or not in your business name. A lot will argue that putting symbols in the name can make a catchy logo for your client’s to easily know who the company is by simply seeing that name. It allows your business to be more personalized and have a better sense of identity to be unique. Hence it can make for a great branding opportunity, but you need to make sure it fits with the IRS guidelines.

Ideas for you think of your business name=brand.

The IRS allows the following to be used in business names: 
  • The 26 letters of the English alphabet 
  • Hyphen (-) 
  • Any number between 0 and 9 
  • Ampersand (&) 
Make sure you stick to IRS' terms and conditions.

Please bear in mind that the above-mentioned items are the only ones that the IRS will allow you to use in your business name. Remembering this will help you choose a name that will be accepted and that your clients can attribute to your business from the moment they hear it. Lastly be sure to take a look at the IRS-EIN-Tax-Id website to obtain your tax id number for your business. It is a fast and easy process using our form SS4 online. Our customer service representatives are waiting to assist you throughout each step of the process.