Friday, June 29, 2018

Naztech 18W Super Changer For Your Smartphones & Tablets

It is common right now for each and every one of us to have more than one gadget. As we speak, you might have more than one smartphone, another extra tablet or even a laptop for your convenience and usage. Yours truly me has 2 laptops, 2 smartphones and 1 tablet at my disposal. That means we need to have a FAST charger to juice up our mobile devices. Introducing Naztech 18W Super Wall Charger to charge any of your USB-powered smartphones, tablets, wearables and it even supports USB-C flagship smartphones and even a 12-inch MacBook. In other words, it is the de facto charger for all your mobile devices.

Naztech 18W Super Changer

This Naztech 18W Super Wall Charger features high-speed USB-C PD (Power Delivery) and USB Adaptive Fast Charging Technology in a single charger. In fact, this advanced dual charger from Naztech can charge 2 devices simultaneously at high speed 18W, allowing you to save your time by up to 80% compared to using your regular charger. In other words, you only need to bring one charger to charge your mobile devices. Engineered with a specialized PD chipset, this charger has the capability to support up to 18 watts high voltage charging power.

Universal Compatibility.

Charge 2 devices at the same time.

This truly sounds like the dream charger for geeks and power users alike who lug around multiple devices and gadgets every day. Do you know that with Naztech 18W Super Wall Charger, you can charge say, your Samsung Galaxy 9 from zero to 50% in just 30 minutes? That is lightning fast considering that it is a multipurpose charger. The following are the key features of this awesome Naztech 18W PD and AFC Wall Charger:

 Lightning Fast Charging

Designed to be lightweight and compact, Naztech 18W Super Speed Wall Charger comes in sleek  rubberized design for durability and mobility. This is also an ideal charger for tourists who love to travel around the world. No mo worries as the universal compatibility means you only need one charger for all your devices. The best part is, Naztech 18W Super Wall Charger which retails at US$39,90 (RM160) has a limited lifetime warranty. Get this super charger now! :D

P.S.: If you need an even faster charger, you can get ultra fast Naztech 45W USB Type-C charger which also retails at US$39.90.