Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jordan & Jasmine Swimming In Their Mini Pool [PICS]

I have yet to come across any kids who do not love to play with water. When it comes to swimming, a lot of children would just jump into a shallow pool and start splashing water and screaming. My two little ones-Jordan and Jasmine get really excited too at the sight of the crystal clear water. They love to swim...wait...they could not really swim back then. So correction: they love to play with water-thinking that they were actually swimming. LOL :D

It's time to swim with water. :D

These photos were taken years ago when our mini swimming pool was still functional. In fact we had bought them 3 portable swimming pools but none of them could last us more than 5 usages (one only lasted for 2 swims). Well...when you pay around RM30 (US$8), don't expect durability to be a standard. OK! Back to my little Jordan and Jasmine. You could see how happy they were when they got to play with water.; Splashing around, lying in the water and playing with some toys. This is how childhood should be right...instead of playing with tablets or gadgets most of the time. Ha :D

Kick the water!

They enjoyed their mini pool so much.

It is also a good way for siblings to bond. :D

My little mermaid.

In their Zen mode...Enjoying the calmness of the water.

I am glad that our small terraced-house can still fit a little mini pool for our kids to have a splashing time. Of course both Jordan and Jasmine have outgrown this little mini swimming pool. Besides, like I have mentioned...none of the vinyl pools actually survived long enough. From time to time, both of my big babies still reminisce about the time they swim in the mini pool. They tell me how much they enjoyed playing with my wife and I. *See...they remember* So parents out there, do not deprive your toddlers or children of their play time; Do not use electronic gadgets to replace their precious childhood. Invest in an inexpensive, mini swimming pool right now for them to have unforgettable memories with us. :p