Monday, June 25, 2018

Bose Sleepbuds To Lullaby You To Sleep

If you are the kind who cannot fall asleep easily due to the faintest noise, you might want to consider getting yourself this pair of Bose SleepBuds which has been proven to lullaby you to a deep sleep easily. Bose claims that by plugging these SleepBuds you can finally, really fall asleep soundly. No more sleepless nights caused by irritating sounds like traffic, loud neighbours or even your partner's snoring. In other words Bose SleepBuds will get rid of all those annoying "noise pollution" which are keeping you awake. So now you can go to bed now...zzZZZ.

Sleep better thanks to SleepBuds from Bose.

Being one of Bose's smallest products so far, SleepBuds will fit snugly without making you feel irritated at all. In fact, you can easily drift into deep sleep without even noticing that these SleepBuds are in your ears. Besides blocking out annoying noises, SleepBuds come pre-installed with 10 white noise tracks which promote relaxation and allow you to fall asleep easily. These white noise tracks mimic the sound of gentle waves, wind, traffic and even dogs just to name a few. However, music streaming is not available yet with SleepBuds.

Listen to soothing sounds to lull you to sleep.

The idea is to let you listen to soothing sounds to help you fall asleep easily on top of cancelling those active noises. This so-called noise masking technology of SleepBuds allow you to hear sleep-inducing sounds that aid you to drift into dreamland and stay asleep for a longer period of time so that you get adequate rest that you need. With urbanization, nighttime noises are increasing exponentially so much so it can become restless for a lot of people at night.  SleepBuds will be the solution for your sleeping problems.

Select your white noises from the 10 proven tracks for better sleep.

  • Rustle: Wind kicking up leaves.
  • Cascade: A cascading waterfall.
  • Shower: Gentle rain falling on leaves.
  • Circulate: A fan with an electrical undertone, like an air conditioner.
  • Altitude: Airplane cabin ambient noise.
  • Swell: Rolling and crashing waves.
  • Campfire: Crackling fire and softly chirping crickets.
  • Warm static: Broadband noise with high frequency content removed (also known as “brown” noise).
  • Downstream: A gentle stream.
  • Tranquility: A drone-like melody that some might also refer to as a spa-like sound.

Sleep can sound good again thanks to SleepBuds and now you get to enjoy lullabies such as the tranquilizing rustling of leaves or the evening singing of crickets. Rest assured that any of the 10 pre-loaded relaxing sounds have been tested to easily mask any unwanted noise and let you fall asleep easily. Bose also promises that they will add more soothing tracks in the future via future software updates. So SleepBuds will be a good long-term investment that pays dividends for you to be healthier and fitter thanks to better sleep.

Elegant charging case which doubles up as protective case.

Do you know that there is also Wake Up Alarms for your SleepBuds? Meaning that only you can hear your wake up call, without alarming the person sleeping next to you. How cool is that? Energy efficient Bluetooth is used by Bose's SleepBuds to easily connect to your Android of iOS devices via Bose Sleep App (Android, iOS) to select the sounds that you want to lullaby you to sleep, the volume of your tracks or simply change any settings. You will get 16-hour of battery life in a single charge and your SleepBuds can be recharged simply by putting them in their protective case which doubles up as a charging dock. At US$249.95 (RM1,000), SleepBuds can let you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day!