Sunday, June 24, 2018

3 Shocking Things You Didn't Know You Could Use Socks For

I believe right now a lot of you are still wearing socks right? I know I do from Monday to Saturday when I need to clock in to work. Socks is a piece of garment worn on the feet, and some socks often cover the ankle or some part of the calf. Socks are worn inside shoes, sandals, or boots. Wool, cotton, or nylon are usually knitted into our comfortable pairs of socks. Why do we wear them? Of course  to keep our feet warm especially in cold weather or to absorb our sweat. Though socks can be boring, it can be fun with different types of designs and colours. 

 Lonely socks.

We have all taken for granted this little piece of garment called sock. More often than not, a pair of socks will find one of its side missing *gasp* and we are left with that remaining piece of sock. After unsuccessfully looking high and low for the missing side, we have no choice but to abandon the other lonely sock, leaving it to be lonely. There are also times when we find a hole in one of the socks. These lonely socks are usually throw away because we do not know that these orphan socks have many uses which we are not aware of.

3 Shocking Things To Use Your Lonely Socks For:

Clean those blinds with your sock(s)!

1-Socks are not only great for absorbing sweat from your feet. Socks are also great as a dusting mitt for cleaning blinds or window panels just by pulling a lonely sock over your hand. After use, you can either wash it or just throw it away. Easy peasy.

No more scratches now.

2-The lonely socks can be used as chair and table leg covers to prevent scuffs or scratches on the floor. You can cut and sew the sock into covers for your chair and table legs and use rubber bands to get them properly held in place. This is truly brilliant and you are actually recycling. :)

Timeless, handmade toys that allow you to be creative. :)

3-If you have young kids, lonely socks are great as sock puppets to amuse and entertain your kids. These classic kid’s toy is easy to crafted. It is fun to make your own sock puppets by adding eyes and hair to the sock puppets. Sometimes this priceless hand-made toys can be more meaningful to our little ones.

There are many other shocking great ways you can use socks for and since socks are so useful, it will be great to get your dad a sock membership with a wonderful sock club as a gift for Father’s day or for his birthday. It would be great to gift dad a subscription by clicking on the men’s sock subscription box to choose your gift options with “Say it with a Sock” club to enjoy monthly sock deliveries. There are many varieties of fun socks available for you to choose according to the styles and preferences of your gift recipients.