Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Playing With Bubbles [PICS]

Childhood is the best time for each and everyone of us. The memories that we have conjured during these magical moments will stick with us for like...well forever. Don't you agree? And what do we do during our childhood? PLAYING like non-stop of course. Ha :D So lately both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl have been busy blowing bubbles around our home and at the playground of course. To them blowing these rainbow-coloured bubbles is nothing but amazing. You could see the joy in their eyes. :)

 photo 01 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsfunninal.jpg

 photo 02 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsf1hlcfeq.jpg

You would be surprised to know that playing with bubbles can be really beneficial for our babies, toddlers and children. According to Active Babies Smart Kids, playing with bubbles allows our little ones to develop motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and sharpens their spatial awareness and directionality just to name a few. Besides these mystical floating spheres will definitely be a mood-booster for our kids when see them flying into the sky and merge with the clouds. Simply mesmerizing!

 photo 03 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpshzywt5nu.jpg
"Kor Kor (elder brother), let's play our bubbles!"

 photo 04 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsyt3xapnx.jpg
Beautiful sight. :)

 photo 05 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps0z8mvote.jpg
Let me show you how to blow bubbles.

 photo 06 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsrqkquprz.jpg
Step one~blow slowly to get a BIG bubble. :)

 photo 07 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsvq6dh9gr.jpg

 photo 08 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsk0q9y2hi.jpg

 photo 09 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsfnvww3jn.jpg
Not yet...

 photo 10 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpszewncze2.jpg
Hold you breathe...

 photo 11 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpstbuwbyqn.jpg
Almost there...

 photo 12 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps4tmgecuj.jpg
Voila~a big bubble. :D

 photo 13 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps2avp74t6.jpg
Ouh...ok. I also want to try.

 photo 14 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpspykxxzkw.jpg

 photo 15 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsxyfku13v.jpg

 photo 16 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zpsa7spb8dq.jpg
You see Kor Kor, a lot of bubbles~o. :D

Haha :D It is obvious that both my babies love to play with their bubbles. You could see that in their eyes and smiles. I am so happy to see them enjoying themselves so much. If your kiddos have not been playing with these good old-fashioned bubbles, go grab them a bottle. It only costs less than US1 but the joy that it brings it totally priceless. How about you? Do you still remember the time when you played with bubbles? I am sure you do miss those good old days right? So ditch your smartphones and tablets, and start blowing your very own mythical balloons. :)

 photo 17 Playing With Bubbles PICS_zps4aa5oo3d.jpg

Watch both Jordan & Jasmine blowing their bubbles. :D