Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision?

Yours truly me have been wearing glasses since I was 16. It all started after my beloved late mother bought me and my brother a desktop computer (Woohoo!). Supposedly the computer was for us to do our assignments and projects. Yeah right...instead my brother and I spent countless hours in front our very first computer, plowing the keyboards and jabbing the mouse. I got so addicted to playing games that I was forced to see an optician to get my eyesight "fixed". Damn you Resident Evil 3 and Fifa and every different reincarnation since then. LOL :D

 photo 01 Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsvdyag5fo.jpg

 photo 02  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsgjyuzdmz.jpg
Now you can see without your glasses.

Now my eyesight has been made worse thanks to the advent of "tiny computers" aka smartphones. In lieu of desktop or laptop, my eyeballs seem to be attached to this glorious, interactive tiny screens. My shortsightedness has worsened in tandem with my usage of gadgets and sleep deprivation. Of course I know that I need to do something before I go blind. I have honestly thought about Lasik to regain my pilot-like razor sharp vision. Ha :D Then again the risk involved is too much for me to give it a second thought. That is when I come to know about Pinholes Glasses. Yep~Glasses with....holes. :)

 photo 04  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsyaucsjsv.jpg
Through these holes, you will have a clearer vision.

Apparently our eyes have the ability themselves. According to Bates, if we were to regain our crystal, clear vision, we needed to ditch our glasses and contact lens. In order words, the fancy glasses and the funky contact lens that we are wearing are merely crutches that inhibit our eyes to be healthy again. Meaning to say that we can TRAIN our eyes to see better again with any aids. Hmm...how come no optician or optometrist is telling us about this?

 photo 03  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpsy4cjcxy5.jpg
So "miracle" only takes around 3 minutes every day? :D

With these training glasses, we can well...train our eyes to heal by seeing through the pinholes of the glasses. The original Bates Glasses will cost you around RM80. But if you are like me skeptical and do not wanna risk burning your hard-earned money, just can buy one for merely RM5.30 (GST included) in any Daiso stores in Malaysia. :) Once I put the training glasses on, I was surprised that I could actually SEE without my spectacles. I can clearly see things, objects, faces and subtitles in the TV through these pinholes of the training glasses. Goodness!

 photo 05  Pinholes Glasses For Improved Vision Bates_zpswxz0ywsp.jpg
Look mom. I can "SEE" clearly right now. :p

According to the description at the back, we only need to wear these training glasses for a few minutes every day. I don't see any risk of wearing it for up to 1 hour. Of course you wouldn't wanna put them on while shopping, no? After wearing it for a few days, I do feel that my eyesight has slightly improved a wee bit. Then again results might vary and I strongly suggest that you to try it. After all it only cost RM5.30. You want to see without glasses or contact lens? Well...see through these pinholes then. :)