Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Edible 6-Pack Beer Rings That Turtles Can Eat

Sometimes you cannot decide whether that something will be thrown into an open ocean or not; However you can solve this problem by beginning at the starting point: You are in control of what people are throwing. Based on this understanding, Saltwater Brewery which hailed from Delray Beach, Florida has come up with this brilliant, innovative 6-pack beer rings that are literally edible. Instead of worrying about your 6-pack beer rings killing other unsuspecting, innocent marine creatures...why not "throw" something that could feed and nourish them?

 photo 02 Edible 6-Pack Beer Rings That Turtles Can Eat_zps0zbgzasr.jpeg
At least the trash has become edible.

Saltwater Brewery claimed that this new unique rings are manufactured from beer by-products during the brewing process such as barley and wheat. In other words, these rings that hold you cans of beers together are completely safe to be consumed by our oceanic animals and heck even us humans! So if you are hungry...don't dispose these rings...just chomp on them. Ha :D Moreover these rings are totally biodegradable (100%) and can be turned into compost which makes them unbelievably "green". :)

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Edible 6 Pack Rings

Then again such novelty does come with a price. Peter Agardy who is the head of brand at Saltwater Brewery stated that creating these environmentally-friendly rings is a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people who love the sea. More importantly it is believed that if more breweries were to adopt this idea, the prices of these edible 6-pack beer rings will be more affordable and will hit the economic scale that is needed to make it a standard, thus replacing the plastic ones.

The Edible Six Pack Rings

So why do we urgently need more of such ideas to replace the use of plastic? Here are some staggering insights revealed by The Ocean Conservancy's 2015 Ocean Trash Index:
  1. Plastic is among the most common trash ingested by turtles in 2015.
  2. 440 fish, 22 sharks and even 57 marine mammals were found to be entangled in plastic.
  3. Littering isn't the only reason for plastic to end up in the ocean.
 photo 03 Edible 6-Pack Beer Rings That Turtles Can Eat_zpsvx4jdc5v.gif

This edible 6-pack beer rings is a good start to help save more of our ocean friends. I guess it is time for us to make our trash more "edible". Then we will never have to worry about the rubbish that we have disposed ending up in the tummy of those vulnerable sea creatures. Again, we cannot control how the trash ends up in the ocean...but we can control what ends up in the ocean will be something non-lethal and even packs some nutritional value. :)

 photo 04 Edible 6-Pack Beer Rings That Turtles Can Eat_zpstynhumay.gif
Let the sea creatures have their very own freedom again.