Saturday, April 11, 2015

Playing With Their Socks-It's Easy To Be Happy

Sometimes both Jordan and Jasmine seem to be so bored with their toys that they will look for something else to beat their boredom. So one after they have woken up from their afternoon slumber, they decided to ransack their wardrobe. After looking for quite some time, they finally discovered something that they do not normally play with every day...their socks. Yep~it appears that they are desperate to play with something more refreshing. Ha :D

 photo 01 Playing With Their Socks_zpsfwpegiul.jpg

 photo 02 Playing With Their Socks_zpszzxvcdfe.jpg
What are the two of you doing?

 photo 03 Playing With Their Socks_zpsu2pkkdsy.jpg
"Playing with socks!"

So Jordan and Jasmine grabbed a few pairs of socks and put them on. Yeah~besides their feet, their hands were stuffed with the newly-improvised "mittens" as well. So they walked around the house with their extremities being covered in cotton. It must be something enjoyable for them. If not they would not have worn them for such as long time. Watching them entertaining themselves was really a blessing. Young innocent children could easily be satisfied and kept busy with just a few pair of socks huh. :)

 photo 04 Playing With Their Socks_zpskwwvady4.jpg
Hey! What is this? Breakdancing?

 photo 06 Playing With Their Socks_zpsuus085q0.jpg
You guys are swimming?

 photo 05 Playing With Their Socks_zps2nka9lqt.jpg

Guess which one is more talkative in this video?

Sometimes we adults are too busy to even stop and stare and enjoy the simpler things in our lives. We are so trapped in our respective rat races that we neglect a lot of things that are dear to us. Sometimes we overlook the fact that it is easy for us to be happy just by being more grateful with what we already have instead of complaining and yearning for something that we want. Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are the lights of our lives. Their smiles have never failed to warm our hearts and their antics have always tickled our tiredness and stress away. Indeed their presence have made us feel that all our sacrifices are worth it. :) OK! Come~let's play with socks!

 photo 07 Playing With Their Socks_zpsoanji5rl.jpg
My prince. :)

 photo 08 Playing With Their Socks_zpsaw0n3buy.jpg
My princess. :)