Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Hurricane" Invasion In Malacca? [PICS]

Yesterday around 5p.m., it suddenly rained cats and dogs. The loud crashing of raindrops prompted wifey and I rushing out to grab our clothes. When we were busy collecting our clothes, we could feel a strong gush of wind blowing around our house. Then we saw something unusual...the clouds were being blown towards one direction like really, really, really fast! It's something that we have never ever seen before. We quickly retreated into the safety of our home but we still peeked at how the ferocious wind forcing the clouds to move at its mercy.

 photo 01 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsepzt7kre.jpg
A lot of trees could not stand against the strong wind.

 photo 02 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsjat9l2us.jpg
Even the signboard did not make it.

 photo 03 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsjt27wty0.jpg

 photo 04 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsbalpvt6k.jpg
The electric wire almost break...thank goodness it didn't. :(

 photo 05 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsizkjqkko.jpg
Even the thick trunk could be easily snapped?

A moment later the whole drama ended and so we thought nothing happened. We were wrong. When we went out to have our dinner at 6:30p.m., we were utterly shocked to see so many trees being uprooted. To see one or two trees felled by heavy downpour was not uncommon...but to have twenty...or thirty huge tree being uprooted or had their trunk ripped apart from their roots is really shocking. Never have we witnessed such a destruction at this scale. After all...we have had fairly good weather.

 photo 06 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpshctduv7b.jpg

 photo 07 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsxi69ne2c.jpg

 photo 09 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsjdcjbdvf.jpg

 photo 10 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zps8ysjzrxw.jpg

 photo 11 Hurricane Invasion In Malacca_zpsegwjjbvi.jpg
It could have been worse...

My wife and I pondered really long as we look at the trail of damage left by the strong wind. This was only a "small, tame" wind...what if something of a bigger entity were to hit us? What if something like a tornado, cyclone or even hurricane were to attack us? I think we would be left helpless and our chance or survival would be very, very low. Already there had been sightings of tornado in Malaysia...something which was rather impossible. However things have begun to change and it appears that our weather has changed...