Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Is Unfair: The Moment You Are Born, It Is All About The Spoon In Your Mouth!

Like it or not...fair is never a word that could be applied on everyone's life. In fact...the moment when we are born, we are destined to live a life that is different from each and everyone of our peers. So we are going to talk about monetary inequality here today. They say when we are brought into this world...we are all equals to each other. Or so they say. But we know by hard that this isn't the case. Some from ultra rich family are born with silver (golden or even platinum) spoons in their mouth! So what can you do if you only have a stainless steel one between your teeth? So who should you blame? Parents? Definitely no. How about God aye?

 photo 01 9Gag Life Is Unfair The Moment You Are Born Is All About The Spoon In Your Mouth_zpsfzrfcaqh.jpg
How many of you could FEEL this "pain"?
Saw this on 9Gag and it totally hit me in the head.

This unfair advantage that others possess could really cause you to have green eyes and of course it will not be great for you in the long run...spiritually and emotionally speaking. But what will a 7 year old know? He is using a rusty pencil case handed down by his brother and his friend who is sitting beside him is using a brand new, multipurpose pencil case equipped with sharpener and even music. Why couldn't the former have the same pencil case? Why can't daddy and mommy buy the same pencil case for him? Don't they love him enough? Obviously it is all about the money.

 photo 02 Life Is Unfair The Moment You Are Born Is All About The Spoon In Your Mouth_zpsdzutgzqw.jpg
So which bowl are you in?

As we grown older, we will begin to understand more about this unfair world. By then we, of course have been wiser and will be understanding with our own circumstances and shortcomings in terms of financial background. However our empathy will not stop us from yearning to have the better things life right? Who wouldn't have green eyes when everyone around you is using iPhones and Samsung top flagship smartphones? After all having the more expensive stuffs do make us look cooler, "richer", more acceptable and definitely more desirable, no?

 photo 04 Life Is Unfair The Moment You Are Born Is All About The Spoon In Your Mouth_zpsgdsjlkqs.jpg
Sometimes...you do feel like him (the man in black) right?

When we are old enough to obtain our driving licences, we will realize the financial disparities between us and our peers get even ridiculously wider. You can consider yourself lucky if you have a motorbike for you to ride. But when it is raining and you see your friends driving in the comfort of their air-conditioned imported cars...and they are waving at your as their cruise pass your puny bike...you really feel like turning back and go home, no? Yeah...some people have to work very hard to buy a car...and some people just have a car without lifting a freaking finger at all. It's all about the spoon that you have in your mouth aye?

 photo 03 Life Is Unfair The Moment You Are Born Is All About The Spoon In Your Mouth_zpswauhd8lu.jpg
The truth is...when we compare....
there will always be people who are better than us
and there will also be people who are doing far worse than us!

Then comes graduation and after getting 7 or 8 As, you realize that you could not enroll into your dream universities because you are not smart enough (straight 10As to get full scholarship) or rich enough? Then your not-so-smart peers who scored ZERO A who are rich could get into any universities that they want because they family could easily afford to send them there. So what's the point of studying really, really hard? This is the breaking point when you realize that life is really ridiculously unfair?

 photo I Love My Family_zpsqecyluge.jpg
I am RICH because of my wife and babies. :)

Have I wallowed in such a self-pity before? Sure I did. But life is always unfair to those who do not make the best out of whatever he or she has. Right now I am a very grateful person with whatever that I have. Sometimes it is easy to forget how blessed we are; Sometimes it is easy to forget how lucky we are to even be alive; Sometimes it is easy to forget how to love and appreciate those who have always loved us. If we know how to count our blessings, we will realize how "rich" we really are. Right now~I feel that I am probably the richest person in the world. Ha :D

P.S.: Honestly~when yours truly me was young, I have never felt (maybe just once of twice) really deprived...materialistically speaking because I have a loving father, mother and brother. And ouh yeah~I am the one with the fancy pencil case with music and click-open sharpener. :p