Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jordan & Jasmine Trying To Sing Goodbye By Who Is Fancy

Recently when I have started listening to Who Is Fancy's Goodbye, both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl have begun to love it as well. Every day for the past 1 week, they have been pestering me to play them this Goodbye song again and again. I relented each time and after listening to this song repeatedly, both of them seem able to roughly sing it. They sing it when they are in the car, they sing it when they are bathing. Heck! They even sing Goodbye before they go to bed. Ha :D

 photo 01 Jordan amp Jasmine Trying To Sing Goodbye By Who Is Fancy_zps5rzahjtn.jpg
Jordan boy wants to sing Goodbye. :)

Apparently Jordan boy and Jasmine girl really love this song so much that they want to use a microphone to sing this song. After searching high and low all around the house, leaving no stone unturned...they have finally found something that they believe is a "microphone". Ha :D Actually it was the remote of a portable massager. But who cares right? As long as it looks like a mic, we can just sing our hearts out!

 photo 02 Jordan amp Jasmine Trying To Sing Goodbye By Who Is Fancy_zpsqpjv0ui7.jpg
Come on Jasmine don't be shy.

 photo 03 Jordan amp Jasmine Trying To Sing Goodbye By Who Is Fancy_zpswr42wdvd.jpg
Yeah~that's how you sing it. :p

So wifey recorded their funny antics when they were in the 4th room of our house, having an audition or sort of. I think they had a lot of fun singing for the camera. Our Jordan boy got the ball rolling by singing the few initial lines, then suddenly Jasmine girl joined his brother to sing the "chorus" part of that is what I think it was. After that, it was Jasmine's turn to sing. The whole singing idea was actually rather funny to her and you could see her cracking up after singing the "U~U~U" part. Ha :D My wife and I really had fun watching them singing...and fighting with each other. :p

Hahaha :D Daddy will never forget how the 2 of you sang this song. :p
To listen to the original song click here.

Wifey and I recorded this priceless moment because our two little babies are really growing up very, very fast. I hope they will watch this video of themselves singing when they grow up. It is a proof how "loving" they both are. :p Kids are really innocent when they are young huh. I hope both of them will continue to stay that way right up to adulthood. It's ok to be naughty and michievous but not evil or even malicious. :p So let's sing~Goodbye now!

 photo 04 Jordan amp Jasmine Trying To Sing Goodbye By Who Is Fancy_zpsnnvjqjrk.jpg