Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How Bloggers Can Make US$100 In 3 Simple Steps

Any bloggers who want to earn US$100 right now? I am sure a few of my blogger friends have already known that I am currently looking for bloggers who want to make US$100 with their blogs. In fact some have already received their US$100 payment and some bloggers had easily got US$300 just by putting some text links in their blogs. Yupe! Easy as that. No programming is needed. No sponsored post to write...all you have to do is copy and paste some words into your blog and that's it.

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Bloggers can now make US$100 easily

I know it is difficult for some of us bloggers to earn a few dollars with Adsense let alone US$100 right? So right now we bloggers have this opportunity to earn US100 for each of our PageRank 3  (and above) blogs. So if you have 5 Pagerank 3 blogs, you will be earning a whopping US$500. All you have to do is let me know you are interested and I check your blog(s) for verification. After your blogs have been approved, you will get the 3 links to embed into your blog. Once your blog has been verified you will be paid immediately. Sounds not difficult at all right?

The 3 Simple Steps To Earn US$100
  1. Leave your email address and PageRank 3 Blogs URL in the comment box. If you are worried that you will be spammed you can send an email to me: tekkaus@gmail.com or you can fill up the form below.
  2. After your blog has been approved, you will get the 3 links to embed in to your blog (site wide) for 1 year.
  3. Upon verification, you will receive your payment of US$100 via paypal.
If you are a blogger with a PageRank 3 blog and still waiting to earn your very first US$100, look no further. No more waiting for Adsense or other advertising networks to pay you your pennies. You can earn immediately just by pasting 3 links in your blog(s). This is not a scam and you will be paid instantaneously once your blog has been verified. Easy peasy. To check the PageRank of your blog, you can insert your blog url below:

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Last but not least, thank you for reading and thanks for your interest. Your request and inquiry will be looked into as soon as possible. I truly appreciate your continuous support and patience. Last but not least I really hope that we bloggers can get the reward that we deserve such as this awesome US$100 opportunity. Have a nice day blogging everyone. :)