Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nude Kobe Bryant Wrestling A Giant Black Mamba

Who would have thought that Kobe Bryant would be fighting with a huge snake instead of playing basketball right? Worse still, Kobe Bryant was caught in the act while he being naked. Well...well...of course we are not talking about the real Kobe Bryant here. In a museum in the Chinese province of Guangzhou stands a sculpture of Kobe Bryant wrestling a giant black mamba. Behold "Achilles," by Roger Huang.

 photo 01KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zps5ea7d6a6.jpg
Kobe Bryant VS Black Mamba

I honestly feel that Achilles is an amazing sculpture that brings about a lot of ideas and messages. Based on the name of the sculpture, we are of course referring to our weak link-Achilles. So this statue of Kobe Bryant is about him being bitten by the black mamba at his Achilles tendon. You can't really see it from the picture above. The following picture at the bottom can clearly show you that the black mamba is biting Bryant's left Achilles tendon, which of course, is the one that he tore last year in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

 photo 02KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zpsdc67fd85.jpg
The Black Mamba Sank Its Fangs Into Kobe's Achilles

If you have noticed, Roger Huang has successfully integrated Kobe Death Stare and signature jaw jut into this sculpture. This fiberglass-reinforced-plastic-composed Achilles, depicts Kobe Bryant as a stand in for Achilles the Greek demigod. Even Jordan has acknowledged Kobe's ability on court. Likewise the black mamba is the the nagging injuries that have been plaguing Kobe Bryant throughout his career. Let us see if Kobe Bryant can finally get rid of the "Black Mamba" and lead Lakers to a better post season shall we.

 photo 03KobeBryantNakedBlackMamba_zps13a30023.jpg
You can feel the anger in Kobe's Death Stare!