Monday, August 18, 2014

Eating Chocolate Cake That Wifey Baked

Last weekend, when I came back from work I had an awesome surprise from my beloved wife. After having my lunch, wifey baked a huge chocolate cake for us to feast. Knowing that we (especially me) like chocolatey stuff, wifey took all the trouble to ensure we had a great dessert after lunch. My babies and I were of course very elated when we saw our brownies that afternoon. It's always good to indulge in something like this aye. :)

 photo 01EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps23da6ca0.jpg
Our chocolate cake.

 photo 02EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps869ee80b.jpg
Loaded with uncountable chocolate chips. :D

 photo 03EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps15f0ebdc.jpg
Both Jordan and Jasmine waiting to pounce on their cakes. :)

Not only was our chocolate cake was know chocolatey, wifey also sprinkled tonnes of chocolate chips to make it even "brownier". Ha :D As you could see from the photos, Jordan and Jasmine couldn't wait to sink their teeth into the sweet treats once they saw it. Both of them were very patiently waiting for their dessert to be served. Well~well~their eagerness to devour their cake is a testament that mommy's homemade cake is really good.

 photo 05EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zpsebfaeecf.jpg]
Chocolate cake is ready to be served.

 photo 06EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps1a76f898.jpg have to use a fork or a spoon Jasmine girl.

 photo 07EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zpscd977bed.jpg
Both babies are enjoying their chocolate cake.

 photo 08EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps3cf375ac.jpg
Come on fighting. :p

We really enjoyed ourselves with the huge, chocolate cake. In fact we walloped everything almost instantly. *Buurrpp* Gotta thank my dearest wifey for baking us such sweet delight. It's not easy to take care of the babies and bake cakes at the same time no. Our babies and I really enjoyed eating the chocolate cake that we had. Hmm...I wonder what we will be having during our next weekend. LOL :D

 photo 09EatingChocolateCakeThatWifeyBaked_zps770f1936.jpg
Chocolate Perfecto!