Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Total Network Security With Pertino

Network security in the cloud offers a whole new level of maintenance-free security. End-to-end network data protection with Pertino is an example of a security system that has a Cloud Network Engine, a service that keeps itself up-to-date, and is constantly reviewed and tested by external security firms to block attacks and breaches.

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Secure your people with Pertino

You can add user- and device-level authentication to your network that is managed by the security system and not by you. The cloud-based security company manages it all with secure exchange technology and certificate authority. You can network access to the people you want, and your network access policy can be set on an individual- or device-level basis. You’ll be able to see everyone that has access to your network, even if they're offline. 

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People-based policy
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Secure in the cloud

Cloud security uses state-of-the-art security infrastructure from the best cloud data centers and provides user- and device-level authentication as well as private address space and strong end-to-end encryption. You would also be able to extend your security by using apps; cloud-based apps will instantly install on your network. Cloud-based security takes the burden off of you for configuring and managing traditional virtual private network software and hardware. You will have complete control of your networks and will be able to build new networks, manage the people and devices that use your network, update policies and immediately view all the activity on your networks from one place. 

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End-to-end Encryption
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Extend security with apps

You would be able to forget about IP address management, access control lists, routing tables, certificates, profiles and firewall rules. With cloud-based security, all of these tasks are done for you, and all you have to do is manage your networks with one click. This means you can track and drive the productivity of your employees in real-time, even if an employee is working from home. You can also check to see if an employee has been on the network in the past hour. You’ll be able to see what devices are on the network, where they are and if they are online or offline. In other words, you can maintain better control of your networks without the usual headaches.