Sunday, July 20, 2014

LG G Watch With Google Wear

The hottest "real estates" that companies are after right now is not our pockets anymore. All tech companies are now gunning to win our wrist right now. The market for smartphones have neared saturation and it is only plausible to move on to the next "goldmine". Samsung has released their own smartwatch with lukewarm response. Motorola then announced a promising Moto 360 which runs on Android Wear. Now LG has stepped into the smartwatch arena with the advent of LG G Watch! So let's see if LG G Watch is worthy to be worn by us.

 photo LGGWatch01_zps3d5b90a6.jpg
Behold:  LG G Watch

Unlike (the earlier) Samsung, Pebble and Sony, LG G Watch makes its first walk on runway by leveraging Google Android Wear OS. Being developed by Big G, Android Wear will easily allow LG G Watch to appeal to all the other Android smartphone owners via Bluetooth (as long as you have Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later). I won't say that the design is good. In fact it looks kind of too squarish for certain people and definitely bulky for those who are petite.

 photo LGGWatch03_zps02e92dee.jpg
Always-on display allows you to see everything at a glance.

However being big is a good thing because you'll be getting a huge display. You can easily read your emails and notifications on your the 1.65-inch screen of LG G Watch. Of course it will be a bit too small for you to view photos or web pages. You can of course adjust the display to show you the time, whether to have a digital face or analogue format-clock face. Moving on-it comes with a rubber strap which actually kinda downgrades its overall premium appeal. Fortunately it is equipped with standard 22mm spring pins so you can change to any style of straps that you like.

 photo LGGWatch02_zps90126c86.png
Water and dust proof to suit your active lifestyle!

Under the hood, LG G Watch is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and backed by 512MB of RAM which should be more adequate for your every day needs. There is also 4GB of storage for possible apps installation. LG G Watch is powered by 400mAh battery which might not be sufficient enough for heavy users but should last average users a couple of days. It comes with IP67 water and dustproofing. However to charge LG G Watch, the magnetic plate needs to be clipped onto the charging pins on the back (there are no exposed ports and no buttons on the G Watch) and connects to the mains via a standard micro USB connection.

Last but not leas, saying 'OK Google'  will get you into voice control mode and you can receive push notifications with Google Now-style cards to tell you about news, weather, emails or Facebook updates which I think is really cool. And the always-on display should make viewing of time and notifications a breeze. LG seems to be pushing very hard to get ahead of the competition with G Watch. So do you think this is the smartwatch for you? LG G Watch retails at US$229 and will start shipping on the 27th of July 2014.