Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 Tips To Boost Your Sex Pistol

Work, stress and even studies might have been the reasons why your "gun" might not be firing the way you want it to be. Some of you might have been firing blank with your gun all the time. You must be wondering what is wrong with your "gun", don't you? Perhaps something is wrong with the bullets (aka sperm) in it? Fret are not alone. Our hectic lifestyle and environment are really taking their tolls on us. In fact sperm counts are falling by around 3% annually. But with the help of the following boosters, you can claw back the deficit and lift your libido...I mean gun.

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"So how do you plan to shoot me?"

If you are thinking about having your own little ones, you can start planning early with Ginseng. You can prepare your troops for deployment by brewing up some ginseng tea before bed. Ginseng has been found to enhance sperm motility by a study in the medical journal Panminerva Medica. So start sipping your ginseng drinks every night.

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You can help to "sharpen" your gun by drinking some lemon. Yupe! You can rev your fertility up by quaffing the juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water. This can actually help to accelerate your liver's removal of oestrogen a major male fertility saboteur. And to get the best out of this "elixir", drink it on an empty stomach. Ouh...and why not drink it with the "Lemon Tree" song blasting at the back?

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Its' really no brainer right? If you want to boost the production of your eggs (or in this case sperm) why not eat more eggs then? So if you like to eat eggs, perhaps you need to like your eggs in a different way to get the best out of it. Instead of frying your eggs, go soft-boiled. Eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids that can help to stimulate sperm production. We should really avoid frying for it makes absorbing the nutrients a bit harder. So go soft now.

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If you want your swimmers to be swimming like Olympians, you need to feed them supplements. Ha :D Why not make a deposit in your own sperm bank with a daily CoEnzyme Q10? This supplement will fuel the mitochondria in your sperm cells. CoEnzyme Q10 i actually like your sperms' energy packs. Ha :D

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By adding the Turkish Get-up to your workout, this high intensity exercise will cause a surge in your testosterone and this will of course ramp up your sex drive. Hold a dumbbell in one hand over your head. Slowly lower, kneeling first, then lying face up. Return to the start, keeping your arm fixed. Do six rep each side and voila you can increase your libido. Sounds a bit tough? Nobody says it is going to be too easy right? Now get moving!

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By loading your guns with pomegranate, you are going to reap the benefits for its all-round fertility booster. Research has shown that pomegranate lifts your libido, increases your blood flow (sounds like viagra) and its polyphenols keep your sperm healthy too. And the riper pomegranate tends to be denser in nutrients too. So do devour a few of these potent fruits before you get down to business.

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There you have it, six simple tips to boost your pistol and make sure your bullets will be firing all the targets well. So if you feel that your pistols are not working well enough for you, why not try these few tips. Who knows you will be very happy after trying them? Ha :D