Sunday, June 22, 2014

How Many Hours Of Sleep Is Enough?

This is the question that has been ringing in both my ears for decades...almost 3 I reckon, but it has become boisterously loud lately. Being a father who plays with my two babies after work whenever I can, plus struggling to make ends meet for my Master assignments...all these bombardments have caused me to wonder how many hours of sleep do I really need. Do I really need the recommended 7 or 8 hours of sleep for adults? Or even less than that? Can I just make do with 6 hours of sleep...or maybe 5? How about 4 hours? If I only need little sleep, I could spend more time with my family when they are awake and do my work while they are asleep. So how many hours of sleep should I have?

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Of course biologically speaking, we need sleep for our own physical health and mental well-being. When we sleep or so-called at deep rest, our body will be able to be "recharged". That is when we allow our body to do proper detoxification which of course is vital to lengthen our very life. So does it mean if we don't sleep or do not have enough sleep, our lifespan will be shortened? Is there any research or studies to prove that this is true?

Age groupRecommended amount of sleep
Infants9-10 hours at night, plus 3 or more hours of naps
Toddlers9-10 hours at night, plus 2-3 hours of naps
School-age children9-11 hours
Adults7-8 hours
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If only I were like him...

Honestly, I do envy the fabricated Edward (the drop-dead gorgeous vampire) in Twilight because he doesn't need any sleep at all. I do want to age gracefully and grow old with my wife but can I do so without having little or no sleep at all? Shockingly there are these so-called select few living among us that really do not need sleep at all. Behold: Thai Ngoc-a 64 years old Vietnamese who have not been sleeping for 33 years! Goodness! He was blessed with this inhumane ability after a sickness in the 70's. And he is perfectly healthy despite not needing any sleep for 3 whopping decades!

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But when I don't have enough sleep...I have to drink a lot of coffee...

Many prominent people through history have claimed to need less sleep-Michelangelo, Napoleon and Thomas Edison. All of them only needed 4 hours of sleep. Hmm...makes me wonder...if they do not need much I? However if I were to compare myself with these legends who are sleepless elites, I might be in for a lot of trouble (read: 10 surprising effects about sleep loss). Perhaps I only need 5 hours of sleep instead? Haha :D So folks...any idea how many hours of sleep do we really do need? How many hours of sleep do you guys need?

Do let me know