Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Very First Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner. And no Christmas is perfect without a Christmas tree to boast right? Even Mr. Bean knows how important it is to have a huge Christmas tree to liven up the festive joy huh. Even though yours truly is not a disciple of Jesus, I love Christmas as well. The merry mood and jolly spirit that come with it make Christmas such a heart-warming festival to celebrate. Besides Chinese New Year, Christmas is the best festival on earth. Ha :D

 photo 01OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps095d16ea.jpg
Our Christmas tree and ornaments.

It is almost impossible for me to put a real Christmas tree in my home. That is why my wife and I opted for a more accommodating plastic Christmas tree to put in the main hall of our home. We bought it for RM20 (US$6). It was pretty small too, standing at around 4 feet tall I guess. The "mainframe" of the Christmas tree was made of iron, so it is pretty easy to be bent to resemble the branches of a Christmas tree. 5 minutes is all you need and voila you have your very own Christmas tree. :)

 photo 02OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps259ac0a6.jpg
Ok, it's time to "plant" our Christmas tree. :D

 photo 03OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps4324bb52.jpg
While I was trying to unfurl our Christmas Tree, my daughter came to "help".

 photo 04OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps6a25e4e5.jpg
She was playing with the baubles.

 photo 05OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zpsb775895d.jpg
Because they look like her toy balls. :)

 photo 06OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps9ba7422a.jpg
My little "kepo" (busybody) daughter. :p

After we had "erected" our Christmas tree, it was time to decorate it with some ornaments that we had bought. A bit of hanging decorations would make our Christmas tree more lively and attractive. So usually we will have baubles, bells, santa claus, drums and of course a glittering star at the summit of our Christmas tree. And ouh yeah....I almost forget, we need beautiful stocking as well. If not where would Santa stuff our gifts right? :)

 photo 07OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps5c974c5a.jpg
Let's start with the most important star at the top shall we?

 photo 08OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps3209bcd2.jpg
My wifey helped me to put up the decorations.

 photo 09OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps1b65f3a1.jpg
Beautiful baubles.

 photo 10OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps9de9e613.jpg
More hanging decorations.
Any idea what those on the top right called?

 photo 11OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zpsa060395a.jpg
Snowman Stockings for my babies.

 photo 12OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zpsaf415b14.jpg
For wifey-I am sure Santa won't miss this stocking!

As you could see, after putting up the decorations our little Jasmine girl began to grab them or pull them down. Can't be helped I guess. She was just too attracted by those shiny, jiggly decorations especially the baubles. Ha :D Let's see if all the hanging Christmas decorations will survive till Christmas. We had a fun time putting up our Christmas Tree. Hopefully we will make it a yearly affair to celebrate Christmas. :)

 photo 13OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps35dd5379.jpg
Jasmine wanted to play with the handing decorations.

 photo 15OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zps05510dc0.jpg
A~ha you are caught red-handed!

 photo 16OurVeryFirstChristmasTree_zpsc5375faf.jpg
So have you put up your Christmas Tree?