Saturday, November 30, 2013

Afternoon Stroll @ Taiping Lake Garden [PICS]

After touching down at Taiping (we drove actually), we headed straight home to unload our luggage and waited for my father-in-law to return home. My two little babies were both anxious and excited upon seeing their grandpa. They just needed some time to "warm up" to their grandfather, whom they have not seen for months. It was noon then. Our empty tummies were rumbling thanks to our 5-hour, long-haul journey. So off we headed to the hawker center opposite the famous Taiping Lake Garden. :)

 photo 01AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zpse3a2eb12.jpg
My beloved family @ Taiping Lake Garden.

Words alone cannot describe my feelings for my second home-Taiping. Being a historical city brimming with lush greenery, Taiping is really a place that I LOVE to be. Everywhere you go, your eyes won't miss the pristine foliage that envelopes this City of Rain (It poured heavily yesterday evening which really made us feel like being in North Pole with St. Nicholas). In fact, it is really a good time to tour Taiping right now when it is clothed with the verdure of monsoon seasons. Expect morning dew to greet you when you wake up every morning. :D

 photo 02AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps2fdb4c3f.jpg
The weather was good~let's stroll!

 photo 03AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps41868745.jpg
Don't you think it is beautiful?

 photo 04AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps71288e62.jpg

So after satiating our appetite with lunch (I had Wan Tan Mee), we headed towards our car to get back home. In the midst of our short walk, we were awed by the beauty of Taiping Lake Garden. It was afternoon and Mr Sun was supposed to be hovering on top of us, showing off his scorching smile. Instead the weather was amazingly inviting and it made the idea of strolling at Taiping Lake Garden feel so good. It was so accommodatingly cloudy that my wife who is a "Candle Princess" (Puteri Lilin in Bahasa Malaysia as in one who cannot withstand heat) suggested that we had a stroll at Taiping Lake Garden. So we did.

 photo 06AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps57a877bc.jpg
Jordan boy led us.

 photo 07AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps0d0644e4.jpg
Posing on a pier.

 photo 08AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps5c3ad5c8.jpg
Jordan boy eagerly dragged his grandpa along.

 photo 09AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps7ef64532.jpg
3 beautiful ladies. :)

 photo 05AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps60f9bebb.jpg
I spotted 2 adorable monkeys.

It was little Jasmine's maiden stroll at this beautiful Taiping Lake Garden. So Jasmine girl was really excited when she got to step on those fluffy green grass. Her happiness could be seen in every one of her springy step. Yeah~she was like hopping all the time...almost like a bunny. :p How about little Jordan? Well...knowing that this was the first time he had conquered the "prairie" of Taiping Lake Garden, Jordan boy was running around, eagerly wanting to explore every inch of it. He could be seen excitedly dragging his grandpa to visit his playground.

 photo 10AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps35eab8f0.jpg
Grandpa resting with Jordan boy.

 photo 11AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps605d9db3.jpg
The mist valley.

 photo 12AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps4a4ce508.jpg
Away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

 photo 13AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zpse414832f.jpg
We have snapped similar photos here before. :p

All in all we really enjoyed ourselves. The huge, majestic "Rain Tress" that grace our afternoon stroll, really made us feel so welcomed. The air that we breathed in Taiping was so purified, unlike what I had in Malacca. Every breath that I took really cleansed and invigorated my pair of tainted lungs. Haha :D And of course extra thanks to Cloudy and his friends for distracting Mr. Sunlight from "enlightening" us. :p It was really a rarity that we would have an afternoon stroll at Taiping Lake Garden. Nonetheless I loved our experience and I am sure Jordan and Jasmine had a whale of a time as well. Right babies? :D

 photo 14AfternoonStrollTaipingLakeGardenPICS_zps8635a34e.jpg
We love Taiping Lake Garden.