Monday, September 2, 2013

Malaysia's Independence-The Enemies Within

First thing first, I would like to congratulate Mother Malaysia for her 56th Independence. I am grateful to be born here to be a true Malaysian. To me, Malaysia is the best place to live in this whole wide world. In this new Millennium, being independent, free from the clutched of foreign shadows seems to be something that all of us have come to expect-a norm. Only a few unfortunate countries are being ravaged by war. But if we were to look more closely we would have known that almost all wars have their roots from within.

 photo MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin01_zps479650c4.jpg
I am going to shed blood for my beloved country any time!

Like I have mentioned, I love Malaysia a lot and I will remain in my home soil until I become one with it...that is why it hurts me to see how Malaysia is being poisoned from within! A lot of my colleagues and friends are talking about leaving Malaysia because she has become corrupted, unsafe etc. But if we were to put things into perspective, the people (government) who have been entrusted (they manipulated the election of course) to look after Mother Malaysia and her people are not doing their jobs!

 photo 02MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zps5736ed28.jpg
Public Enemies No. 1 (Najib) and No. 2 (Muhyiddin)!

To make matter worse, it will not be too much if I were to suggest that our government, who has been running our country is becoming more and more corrupt! These people-the government-mainly BN and their minions-are supposed to be kicked out from Malaysia. Not us! It is a shame to know that after being elected to run the country for 56 years, Barisan Nasional has become so malice that they think we MUST vote for them as had been shown in the recent general election.

 photo 04MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zps174dca2d.jpg
The real unsung heroes are those who sacrifice their lives for Malaysians!

Our disgusting prime minister-Najib, had the gut to accuse the Chinese for his terrible performance during the recent general election. He claimed that the Chinese were not grateful and Najib himself endorsed Utusan Malaysia's RACIST remarks time and again! So what have Najib done to forge unity among all Malaysians? Nothing...what Najib cares is to play the racial card for his very own survival in UMNO. What a very selfish prime minister. I used to have a bit of respect for this guy...that had been completely wiped off after his tirade of abuse!

 photo 03MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zpse03a9286.jpg
The Barisan Nasional government has done nothing to stop racism!
Why? Because they are RACIST themselves?

Then his deputy-Muhyiddin Yassin is even more despicable compared to his HOD! I will never ever forget Muhyiddin Yassin claiming that he will always be a Malay first, a Malaysian second? What kind of idiotic statement is this? How can we expect someone who says such an unholy remark to be our deputy prime minister...I can't even imagine him being our prime minister one day! Again...this fool is playing the race cards for his very survival in UMNO. Obviously...both Muhyiddin and Najib only care about themselves...they are so selfish that they don't give a damn about we ordinary Malaysians.

 photo 06MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zps4a613a68.jpg
The real Malaysians (top) VS fear-mongering police that we don't trust at all!

There is this group of extremist who believes that they are the "OWNER" of Malaysia. To these shallow people, the other races are inferior compared to them. These fools are bastards who believe that with their colours, they are entitled to more benefits and privileges and not forgetting status! So we can always see this group of people harping on virtually every issues and accusing others of diminishing their special privileges. Goodness...are they disabled people who cannot depend on their own? Even the unfortunate people have dignified lives compared to them. What a shame!

 photo 08MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zps40ed469e.jpg
Police attacking the unarmed civilian!
And we expect them to safeguard our country?

To set the record straight-social contracts...are nothing but contracts. It can be altered or abolished anytime if it is not necessary anymore. However some people are manipulating it and distort the truth! It is really humiliating to know that some LAZY, USELESS QUARTERS keep on using this as an excuse for them to get more benefits and privileges without working as hard as the others. Come on~56 years have gone and Barisan Nasional are still racially segregating everyone? Of course they would be championing for this "clause" because they are the lazy lots who cannot survive on their own accord. And it is this very "clause" that is dividing us Malaysians...don't you think so?

 photo 05MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zpse38aefc7.jpg
Our little ones deserve a better Malaysia!

We have been independent for 56 years...and I feel bad for Mother Malaysia. Why? Because she has been exploited by the unscrupulous selfish, racist, lazy, useless parasites that are really poisoning her. I hope and pray that these bastards who are ruining the lives of the real Malaysians will get their deserved punishments sooner or later! We are patriots; And these people who are abusing their rights and trusts that we give them are traitors! Last but not least~I really, really do love my home country-Malaysia.

 photo 07MalaysiaIndependenceEnemiesWithin_zps90805fb8.jpg
It's time to get rid of the cancerous cells that are plaguing Mother Malaysia!

And I, together with millions of other real Malaysians will ensure that She will be safe from the clutches of the enemies from within!