Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dinner @ Ole Sayang Nyonya Food Restaurant

Some time ago...our whole family went to one of the famous restaurant serving baba nyonya food in Malacca-Ole Sayang Nyoya Food Restaurant. This is actually my second time dining in this rustic restaurant which exudes so much Baba Nyonya culture in its simple decoration. We love the cosy ambiance. There were probably around 20 of us from three different generations gathering for our mini family reunion. Heartwarming, it was, as most of us rarely had such opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a meal as a big family.

~The famous Ole Sayang~
 photo 01OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps251a0411.jpg
Address: 198-199, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.

Business Hour:
Lunch: 11:30am-2:30p.m.
Dinner: 6:00p.m.-9:30p.m.
Closed on Wednesday.

 photo 02OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps6011cd90.jpg
Do you like look of the entrance?

 photo 03OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps86e43bdd.jpg
It is warm and cozy.

Located in Melaka Raya, Ole Sayang serves delicious nyonya food that will leave your taste buds tantalized even after you have left. I wouldn't say that their dishes are authentic but they certainly are delectable. Initially we had a hard time, trying to decide what we wanted to order as we wished to savour something different; something that we don't get to eat every day. Why? Because our family cooks nyonya food as well from time to time. Ha :D

 photo 04OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsface5937.jpg
Let's start ordering our food.

 photo 05OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsc87aaa74.jpg
My cousin and his family.

 photo 06OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsd0fa46c5.jpg
My uncle and aunt.

 photo 07OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps212cbe89.jpg
My son~which one do you wanna eat first?

 photo 08OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps9a2db90f.jpg
My aunt and my cousins.

Upon ruminating for some time, we had finally made up our minds with 8 different dishes. First up we had otak-otak (fish+prawn). Even though it looked rather unsavory, the otak-otak was actually very, very spicily scrumptious. Looks can be deceiving indeed. We also had kang kung fried with belacan which was not bad as well. If you like to eat "cencaru", you will love the next dish-Cencaru Omelet. The texture of the omelet was just nice and the aromatic cencaru will make you crave for more! *drooling*

 photo 09OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps4f252cef.jpg
Nyonya otak-otak.

 photo 10OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps445c4a78.jpg
Can you see the fish meat?

 photo 11OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsb93828a9.jpg
Cencaru Omelet

 photo 12OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps7d03f772.jpg
Ladies fingers and sambal belacan

 photo 13OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsc5122cd9.jpg
Black Pepper Brinjal

Our next dish was boiled ladies fingers with sambal belacan. The ladies fingers were still young and they were perfectly boiled. Combine this with the toothsome sambal belacan, you are in for a crispy treat. Spicy black pepper brinjal was on our menu as well. Aww...of all the vegetables dishes, this is the one I loved the most. The spicy black pepper brinjal was succulent and juicy, not to mention it gives you that hot and spicy kick in your tongue. A must try at Ole Sayang.

 photo 14OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps670a187e.jpg
Black pepper lamb

 photo 15OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsffa535fd.jpg
Sweet & sour fish

 photo 16OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps7091c858.jpg
Tau Fu soup

We had something pretty unusual on this occasion. Our next dish was meaty but it was not chicken nor pork (of course) was lamb, black pepper lamb to be precise. Although I didn't really like the texture of the meat for it was a bit hard, I did enjoy the mouthwatering black pepper sauce that came sparingly with it. And of course no reunion dinner was complete without fish right? As the saying goes "every year we will have plenty of fish" (年年有余) and surely we must have fish as one of our main course. I give-deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce. Crispy on the outside~lusciously smooth on the inside. Yum! Yum! :)

 photo 17OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsd6b0ffb2.jpg
We must have nyonya cendol.

 photo 18OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps52729910.jpg
Who wants some?

Last but not least our 8th dish for the day was tau fu soup. The soup was ok, flavourful enough to end our 8 course dinner. about dessert? Dinner cannot be complete without dessert right? So we ordered the nyonya cendol which was really, really sweet. I totally loved it because there was a lot of coconut milk and gula melaka. That pretty much bloated our stomach. *buurrrp*

 photo 19OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps3501b01f.jpg
Rewind a bit~let's wallop!

 photo 20OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpse70f351a.jpg
Let the feast begins.

 photo 21OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps1eade436.jpg
My son, wifey, daddy and daughter enjoying their dinner.

 photo 22OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps5f8d18c6.jpg
Wifey feeding our Jordan boy.

 photo 23OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps48c836af.jpg
Our you wanna try to eat on your own?

 photo 24OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsebbdb5e3.jpg
Grandpa feeding little Jasmine. Look at her face. LOL

 photo 25OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps5a3400c8.jpg
Everyone must be really hungry. :D

 photo 26OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsd9bbc4e9.jpg
My cousin with her family.

 photo 27OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps1afbc5e5.jpg
Her two little daughters.

 photo 29OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps5bf0496f.jpg
My cousin and my aunt.

 photo 30OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zps8355867e.jpg
So how's your food?

 photo 31OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsae5944f4.jpg
Do you enjoy the food wifey? I think yes...your plate is almost "empty". :p

After walloping so much, we needed to digest our food a bit before we could move. So we did some exercise...we chatted. Ha :D I am happy to see all of us get together to catch up a bit. It was a great family outing. Hopefully we can continue with this tradition from time to time. :)

 photo 32OleSayangNyonyaFoodRestaurant_zpsa304d2d9.jpg
Remember Jordan boy~family is the most important.