Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back To Work Again For Me

After being attack by Chicken Pox almost 2 weeks ago, yours truly is finally (almost) fit again. Yeah~for myself. Unlike most of you, Saturday, is a working day for my company and today will be the very first day I am returning to work after my lengthy medical leave. Chicken Pox didn't really floor me or cause me to be bed-ridden, instead it has allowed me to have my much-needed rest and most importantly reflection on a lot of things.

 photo BackToWorkAgainForMe01_zpsfb48a073.jpg
Me and my Chicken Pox face. Can you see the blacks spots?

I am glad that I have managed to get plenty of sleep...something that was truly lacking while I was working. Actually today I am still supposed to be on my medical leave; Having said so, I am entitled to one more extra day of rest but I have decided otherwise. I am not going to relax at my colleagues' expense. I feel bad that I had to be "quarantined" at home while my comrades were battling for me. So today I will be back to catch up with my unfinished business.

 photo BackToWorkAgainForMe02_zps040e69b1.jpg
...silver lining...

Every cloud has its silver lining right? And I know that God wants me to get this Chicken Pox for He wanted the best for me-to rest, before I burnout. Ha :D Sounds so wrong. Then again I hope that the Chicken Pox virus has really been controlled and in its dormant state right now. That's the only thing that worries me-I don't want to be the person who transmit contagious virus and cause an epidemic outbreak in my company. :/ Here's to me on returning to work again. All the best to me. :D