Monday, July 29, 2013

Strolling @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

"Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is really, really beautiful." That was my reaction when I first saw this beautiful place. All this while I have only heard about it from radio and newspaper advertisement. So finally earlier this year, around February, my father-in-law brought all of us to this elusive resort. It was Chinese New Year back then, so naturally there were quite a lot of visitors. We came at the right time though, as the weather was cloudy and very inviting. Let's have our stroll. :)

 photo 01StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps2bc88b7b.jpg
Welcome to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

The moment we arrived at the resort, we walked right through by a few concrete buildings, supposedly to be shopping malls and eateries I presumed. After that we were greeted by a huge 7,000 acres freshwater lake-Bukit Merah Lake. Here, nature was simply at its best (Thanks to the accommodating weather of course). The serenity of the lake and the lush greenery made us feel so relaxed while we were strolling. I am pretty sure thousands of negative ions were enveloping us, making us feel at ease. Our little Jasmine girl must had felt too comfortable until she dozed off. Ha :D

 photo 02StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps01b78657.jpg

 photo 03StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps55c78702.jpg

 photo 04StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsfca44e65.jpg

 photo 05StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps352a65f4.jpg
Bukit Merah is really beautiful, isn't it. :)

Jordan, the ever-energetic baby boy of ours, kept on running around as if he was in wonderland. After all it was not every day that you got to be in such a pristine sanctuary. Jordan boy must have loved the scenery at Bukit Merah, huge calming trees with overwhelming foliage, and of course the stunning sight of the tranquil lake meeting the beauteous sky. In fact we enjoyed ourselves as well. It was quite relaxing to be here. After walking for some time, we decided to make our pit stop beside some bamboo trees.

 photo 06StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsa7c8c3bd.jpg
Even the trees are welcoming us. :)

 photo 07StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpse068987f.jpg
A visitor was reading under the tree.

 photo 08StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps83c33d84.jpg
Our pit stop.

 photo 09StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps2a3e4c55.jpg
Let's have some drinks to quench our thirst.

 photo 10StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps11e0e301.jpg

 photo 11StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps8fc9b3d1.jpg
Jasmine girl is still asleep.

 photo 12StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsfd74cfd4.jpg
Grandpa hugging Jordan boy.

While taking our breather, Jordan boy could be seen gleefully strolling around. He wanted to venture into the "wild" on his own..of course under his old man watchful eyes. Then something unexpected happened. A paddling of ducks which were waddling through the water caught our little Jordan's attention. He was very excited to see real-life ducks for the very first time, so Jordan boy kept on pointing at the ducks and laughed. Ha :D

 photo 13StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps37255b3a.jpg
Where are you going Jordan Boy?

 photo 14StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps9d294a35.jpg
Daddy gotcha!

 photo 18StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsc55051eb.jpg
Then Jordan boy spotted something.

 photo 15StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps93b57977.jpg

 photo 16StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsff959d09.jpg

 photo 17StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps9c1411ec.jpg
Jordan boy's very first encounter with ducks. LOL

 photo 19StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpse6b36ce9.jpg
Jordan boy admiring the ducks.

 photo 20StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpse8039826.jpg

 photo 21StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zps874a9d74.jpg
Cheeky little boy.

So where'd the ducks Jordan boy?

After chugging on some soft drinks and shandy (me :D), we continued with our stroll. By then our little sleeping beauty-Jasmine, has already woke up from her slumber. Our next destination was the Kampung Air (Water Village). Stay tuned to find out how this so-called Water Village looks like. :)

 photo 22StrollingBukitMerahLaketownResort_zpsda04f0e8.jpg
Let's go Jordan boy. :)