Sunday, July 28, 2013

Apple iPhone Lite Spotted-A Cheaper iPhone For You

iPhone-Lite-A "lighter" version of iPhone? It appears that Apple has finally realized that it could no longer rely on its premium Apple iPhone alone, should it want to remain as the leaders in smartphones sector. So Apple has finally conceded defeat after being wedged by cheaper entry-level androids and better high-end smartphones? That is why Apple is going to produce a more affordable iPhone (Lite) for emerging markets and especially for those who cannot afford the expensive device; That is why iPhone Lite is being made to diversify Apple's offering and at least stop its market share from eroding.

 photo iPhoneLITEApple_zps485d81fa.jpg
iPhone Lite Leaked on Weibo

If rumours were to be true, then the world would soon be welcoming a white plastic iPhone Lite. Yes, of course it will be in plastic, it not how could Apple sell it cheap to you and maintain reasonable profit margin aye? This leaked photo of the so-called iPhone Lite looks genuine to me as there is various certificate markings on the rear casing including the one from FCC. It is claimed that you could interchange the cover for this Apple iPhone Lite.

 photo iPhoneLite4ColoursApple_zps1a7cc886.jpg
Don't you fancy having your iPhone Lite in different colours?

It is also reported that Apple iPhone Lite will feature a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, support 4G connectivity and there is even Bluetooth 4.0 These features will nicely put iPhone Lite in the region of mid-range smartphone. And the good news is, it will be running on iOS7 as well. It is expected that iPhone Lite will be announced together with the upcoming iPhone 5S in September 2013. I bet it will be priced around RM1,000 (US$300). Will Apple decision to stoop "low" by selling "cheap" smartphone pay dividends? Or will it be a backlash by fanboys who have been championing it as being premium? Let's wait and see.