Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snail Slime Facial Can Make You Look Younger

Yes~snail slime is currently the new way to look younger. To a lot of vain people out there, snails are now their fountain of youth. Perhaps people are getting a bit carried away with DreamWorks' latest animation-Turbo, about of snails who are blazing the trails in their own mini competition? So do you mind to have a few snails crawling on your face? Apparently there is one company in Japan who is offering this "Snail Therapy" for those who want younger, tighter, firmer face blah~blah~blah.

 photo SnailSlimeFacialCanMakeYouLookYounger01_zpsc948e010.jpg
The price of beauty!

All you have to do is lay down for 5 minutes and a few of these "adorable" slimy snails will start to crawl around your face and make you look like 10 years younger! WOW! It has been proven that the slime of the snail can help to remove your old cells, clear your clogged pores and moisturize your skin. Snail slime is also believed to have an anti-ageing effect on skin. That is why a lot of cosmetics are already sold with the so-called essence of escargot.

 photo SnailSlimeFacialCanMakeYouLookYounger02_zps2533f548.jpg
Goodness...imagine a few slimy creatures are "licking" your face!

 photo SnailSlimeFacialCanMakeYouLookYounger03_zps5092a161.jpg
For 5 minutes these 3 snails are going to "Spring Cleaning" your face?

A Tokyo-based beauty salon Ci:z.Labo (what a weird name) is offering "Celebrity Escargot Course" and customers will be getting 5 minutes of snail therapy, along with massage and other facial treatments. This is the first beauty salon in Japan (or the world) that offers live snail treatment. This way, customers can have 100% pure snail essence directly on the skin. The bomb is-the snails alone cost US$100 (RM340). What? Seriously? I wonder if any type of snail will do?

Watch how these snails do their job!

One happy customer of this Ci:z.Labo Beauty Salon said that her skin is really smooth and moist now after undergoing the snail therapy. Perhaps she was touching the slime? how many of you are willing to let these slimy snails crawl on your face to look younger? Go grab some snails at the drains outside your house right away. It won't cost even a dime.

 photo SnailSlimeFacialCanMakeYouLookYounger04_zps9239131e.jpg
Now it's Snail Facial time!