Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Sale In Malacca

Approximately 2 months ago, we Malaccans had finally got a taste of the legendary Big Bad Wolf. Unlike the one in Red Riding Hood tale, this hairy lycan was a welcome sight in Malacca. After reading about his whereabouts in other states especially KL, finally we got to meet this Big Bad Wolf face-to-face. And he brought along tonnes of his books as well. It's the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! Woohoo! So did any of you pay him a visit when landed here?

 photo 01BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsc1f364a0.jpg
Yes, The Wolf had descended!

When we heard about Big Bad Wolf Sale, both my wife and I were so ecstatic! After all this was the very first time we could buy lots and lots of books! At Big Bad Wolf Sale, you will get to buy books with as much as 70%! That was exactly why we went there! We brought along our 2 little babies as well as we want them to read a lot. So did they enjoy their book "feast", of course. I am happy to see them flipping through books even though they didn't understand them at all. LOL :D

 photo 16BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpse67cd01a.jpg
Let's go meet the Big Bad Wolf.

We spent only around 1 hour browsing through the tens of thousands of books. I was really impressed with the variety of books being offered at the sale. I understand that this Big Bad Wolf sale in Malacca was on a minuscule scale compared to the ones organized in KL right? Then again it was still something exciting for us-Malaccans. After all this was the very first time, remember? I hope it would get better and better in the coming years (granted if there would still be any). :p

 photo 02BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsf503daea.jpg
These are our books.

 photo 03BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps183ee54e.jpg
Not so scary monsters for two of our own.

 photo 04BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps24206c60.jpg
Some dose of princesses.

 photo 05BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps36d82cbb.jpg
We'll be needing this soon.

 photo 06BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps9a5eb4e5.jpg
It's rhyming time. :D

 photo 07BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps23c28e05.jpg
This is very interesting. :)

 photo 08BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsa87b6abe.jpg

 photo 09BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsc4ccbe66.jpg
Aww...we love this book. Very interactive.

 photo 10BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsa678f5f1.jpg
Now you see me...

 photo 11BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps1a626c47.jpg
Now you see "through" me...

 photo 12BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zpsbfff7f31.jpg
Wifey's recipe book.

 photo 13BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps4e958c96.jpg
Will have more delicious soup to drink now. :p

 photo 14BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps4bbfb33c.jpg
And...ta~da~my Coffee Encyclopedia. :D

My wife and I paid Big Bad Wolf a visit with the intention to buy books for our little ones. We grabbed 11 books for our two babies; 2 recipe books for wifey and 1 for myself. Altogether we bought 14 books for around RM110. Not bad right? The prices were unbelievably cheap given that some of these books were imported. All of us went home happily with our books. Yay! So have you guys been to a Big Bad Wolf Sale before?

 photo 15BigBadWolfSaleInMalacca_zps6784f361.jpg
Hope we "wheel" see you again next year Big Bad Wolf!