Monday, July 22, 2013

Khalil Fong-A Thousand Paper Cranes

This has gotta be Khalil Fong (方大同) best ever far. A Thousand Paper Cranes (千紙鶴) exudes so much enigma in it. It is so catchy and infectious that I can't stop listening to it. More importantly it is the lyrics of A Thousand Paper Cranes that won me over when I first listened to it. I never thought Khalil Fong's song would be this good (no disrespect)! If you were to look at the words used, you would agree with me that they are so profound in reflecting the emotions that the composer wanted to tell.

 photo KhalilFong-AThousandPaperCranesMain_zps31234a14.jpg
Khalil Fong in his element in A Thousand Paper Cranes

A Thousand Paper Cranes is actually a sad song about being left alone by someone after a break-up. Unlike other "break-up" songs, this song added multiple texture of emotions on top of the hurtful feeling. The song narrates how it feels like to be alone in a very tactful way. It's like you ponder about how different your life has been. The lyrics talk about how you reflect on your life by overlooking the neon lights while sipping your coffee. And the mentioning of empty perfume bottle! It's like the whole song is on a slow-motion tempo where you keep on getting flashbacks! It is really one heck of a good song!

Khalil Fong (方大同)-A Thousand Paper Cranes (千紙鶴) MTV
Do play the video for the English translations

Khalil Fong (方大同)-A Thousand Paper Cranes (千紙鶴) Lyrics
咖啡 再續杯 回想 這一切
好多 的細節 譬如妳嘟嘴 微笑的離別
窗外 的世界 霓虹 在交會
繽紛 整條街 我安靜了解 沒妳的感覺

紙鶴 妳溫柔對摺 如爵士樂般隨性的快樂
此刻 水清澈 遠方的麥田金黃色

千紙鶴 故事還溫熱 隨性的 我們唱起歌
我走過 牧笛聲輕吹著 那愛情走到這 微笑不爭了
OH 山水潑墨的感覺 一頁 彩蝶前世的感覺
一頁 紅塵幾世的輪迴 再寫 今生緣份還是傾斜

時間 若倒退 再次 給機會
理由 怎麼給 妳一句不愛了 以為就解決
空了 的香水 乾掉 的玫瑰
問了 一整夜 妳慵懶撒野 說解釋很累

紙鶴 妳溫柔對摺 如爵士樂般隨性的快樂
或許 讓妳離去 只是換個方式 愛妳

千紙鶴 故事還溫熱 隨性的 我們唱起歌
我走過 牧笛聲輕吹著 那愛情走到這 微笑不爭了
OH 山水潑墨的感覺 一頁 彩蝶前世的感覺
一頁 紅塵幾世的輪迴 再寫 今生緣份還是傾斜

兩種不同期待 我終於明白 
妳愛不愛都意外 不應該等待
等妳不愛 就是離開 就是不回來
太陽西曬 妳在等水面上的芙蓉花開

千紙鶴 故事還溫熱(紙鶴 一千次快樂)
千紙鶴 是妳給的(紙鶴 一千次快樂 還愛著)
妳做了選擇愛情停格 我也決定割捨

千紙鶴 故事還溫熱 隨性的 我們唱起歌(千紙鶴)
我走過 牧笛聲輕吹著 那愛情走到這 微笑不爭了
(唱一千次的歌 凌空 飛過 的快樂)
OH 山水潑墨的感覺 一頁 彩蝶前世的感覺
一頁 紅塵幾世的輪迴 再寫 今生緣份還是傾斜
Personally this has gotta be one of Khalil Fong's best single so far. So if you are feeling terribly bad after being dumped, so listen to this awesome song. Sure it does make you feel even worse at first, but then it will let you ruminate what you are going through. Likewise it will also serve as a reminder for us to treat our loves one wholeheartedly. The funny thing is...I don't see a single paper crane in this MTV...just feathers which are memories of course.

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Diana (right) looks very stunning and elegant in the MTV. :)