Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy

Transient though life may be, one's contributions will live on; as love knows no boundaries, its spirit will always remain. That is why my mommy will always be alive in us even though she has been gone for almost 5 years. My beloved late mommy has always been my inspiration and she is still the one who keeps me going when I am down and broken. It's like she's always beside me. So today I wanna dedicate this special post to her. It's 21st of July and it is her birthday. "Happy Birthday Mommy!"

 photo 01HappyBirthdayMommy_zpsda104fe4.jpg
27 years ago. Mommy, Kor Kor and me (left). :)

Since today is mommy's big day, her daughter-in-law (my wifey) decided to cook something special for her. My wife woke up early to cook her a spicy dish and a dessert for mommy. I can't really recall what the is the name of spicy dish is...but it tasted really delicious. I'm sure mommy enjoyed it as well. Apart from that, my wifey made a Hakka-style dessert for mommy. It looked almost the same like the abacus beads that my wife made some time ago, but these are bigger and of course it was served with soup. :)

 photo 02HappyBirthdayMommy_zps16f4bb19.jpg
Enjoy your mini birthday feast mommy. :)

 photo 03HappyBirthdayMommy_zps42cf27d4.jpg
Wifey cooked this: It looked like ponteh, but it was spicy.

 photo 04HappyBirthdayMommy_zps0df43ec5.jpg
A Hakka dessert.

 photo 05HappyBirthdayMommy_zps63d435e4.jpg
KFC~it's finger licking good right mommy. :D

 photo 06HappyBirthdayMommy_zps22f90f33.jpg
Of course we must have birthday cake. :D

Since my brother and I can't cook, so we bought mommy a cake and her favourite fast food-KFC. Ha :D I am sure mommy enjoyed a mini feast today. But more importantly mommy must be really happy to see all of us are at home beside her. Not to mention her two little naughty grandchildren. These 2 little brats must be the best "gifts" that my wife and I could give to my mommy every single year. LOL :D Happy Birthday Mommy! We love you!

 photo 07HappyBirthdayMommy_zps05a7fcf7.jpg
Have you 2 rascals wished your grandma?