Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cappuccino @ McCafe Ayer Keroh, Malacca

Finally I had that opportunity to taste the coffee at the much-talked about McCafe. When I first realized there is such a cafe-McCafe (McDonald's Cafe) in KL, I was happy but sad at the same time. Why? Because usually all the cool, trendy, hip things will only be happening and available in KL. Hence I was upset, knowing that I couldn't taste McDonald's premium brew of coffee at their new flagship cafe...until one of my friends talked about McCafe in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. Then only I know we-Malaccans, have not been deserted. 

 photo 01CappuccinoMcCafeAyerKerohMelaka_zps2dfc5849.jpg
A perfect-looking Cappuccino.

There is only one McCafe in Malacca and it is not a stone's throw away from my home...rather it is "a rock's throw" away which took me around half an hour to get there. However nothing was going to stop me from sampling my coffee at McCafe! Upon reaching McCafe in Ayer Keroh, it looked exactly the same like any 24-hour standalone McDonald elsewhere with the exception of the word McCafe blazed across the roof. However once I set my foot inside...I then knew why McCafe is different from your ordinary McDonald's. I was surprised.

 photo 02CappuccinoMcCafeAyerKerohMelaka_zps1582c93e.jpg
Coffee at McCafe.

Instead of having just one row of counter serving you, McCafe has 2 different rows of counters. The first one (on the right) are your ordinary counters where you order your Happy Meal, McValue Meal etc. Look to your left and you will be in awe (I was) to be greeted by another smaller counter serving specialty coffee, mocha, iced drinks, muffins, cakes...just to name a few. Yes! There are so many coffee and desserts for one to enjoy. Unfortunately yours truly me had a scrumptious lunch earlier on. Then again I would kill myself if my bloated stomach were to stop me from sipping my coffee!

 photo 03CappuccinoMcCafeAyerKerohMelaka_zpsef9d8fdb.jpg
M-I love this!

Cappuccino was my coffee of the day. I brought it to dimly-lit table to enjoy every single drop of my coffee. You know what? I was really elated when I grabbed hold of my mug of coffee. It was like a "dream come true" for me to be enjoying my coffee in felt a bit surreal. OK! OK! I'd better shake off this "syiok sendiri" thoughts. I have to admit that my Cappuccino was visually very pleasing. The glossy brown mug itself exudes so much class in it. And I personally loved how the barista "scribbled" the big "M" on my Cappuccino. So how was the coffee?

 photo 04CappuccinoMcCafeAyerKerohMelaka_zpsa9d1fa4b.jpg
I enjoyed my first cup of coffee at McCafe.
But I will be back for more.

Let's say I enjoyed my Cappuccino along with the ambiance...then again I hope during my next visit, it will be better than my first cuppa. Perhaps the barista needs to get more experience to brew the perfect cup of coffee for all of us? Then again during my next visit, I will surely be blogging about the coffee, iced drinks and desserts available at McCafe. So have you been to McCafe? Do you enjoy your coffee there?