Friday, March 1, 2013

Reunion Lunch @ McDonald's Taiping [PICS]

During the Chinese New Year, I decided to bring my in-laws to have our so-called reunion lunch at McDonald's. Both of them are not the "fast-food" kind of persons, so to persuade both of them to set their foot into it needed a bit of persuasion. We patronized the newly-built 24-hour McDonald's near the Taiping Lake Garden. The restaurant was beautifully built and peppered with chic designs to attract the younger generations to enjoy their not-so-healthy meals there. :)

 photo 01ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps10fd783e.jpg
It's time to have our Happy Meals @ McDonald's.

Of course both my father and mother-in-law do not like fast food because they are not healthy at all. However they loved the atmosphere and ambiance in McDonald's, perhaps that was why we had a great time enjoying our reunion lunch there. We loved the candid moments we had while dining there especially little Jordan who really enjoyed his fries. (Yes, he is a bit addicted to the unhealthy fries. :( *sigh*) Good things are supposed to be shared and Jordan boy wanted to share his fries with us by stuffing his fries into our mouths. Haha :D

 photo 02ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zpsc8d3bc5b.jpg
We ordered so much food to eat and lots of fries of course.

 photo 03ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zpsac1061d3.jpg
Jordan boy munching his favourite fries. :)

 photo 04ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zpsc8803a73.jpg
Sharing his favourite oily with mommy.

 photo 05ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps75e4a373.jpg
"Do you want one Ah Mei?"

 photo 06ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps76b9aba2.jpg
So do you like it? *nom~nom~nom*

 photo 07ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps3505a5e2.jpg
Yes~of course. :D

We ordered quite a lot of food and not to mention had plenty of fries. We had burgers, nuggets, fried chicken and of course prosperity burger. My father-in-law enjoyed his prosperity burger a lot. He said it was  really, really spicy due to the sizzling hot black pepper sauce. But what really made my old man happy was that both his grandchildren were beside him. He was beaming, smiling from ear to ear when little Jordan fed him fries. These are our priceless moments together. :)

 photo 08ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps45969f41.jpg
Jordan boy feeding his granpa fries. :)

 photo 09ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps25bcb489.jpg
"So do you like it as much as I do grandpa?"

 photo 10ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps124db21d.jpg
Aww...priceless moment between grandpa and Jordan.

Our time back in Taiping was really a brief one. Nonetheless we cherish all the moments we shared especially our "makan" (dining) time. For us, all meals that we have in our hometown-Taiping, are our "reunion dinners". Family time is always a great time, don't you agree folks? So I am looking forward to enjoying our next reunion maybe in March of June? :)

 photo 11ReunionDinnerMcDonalds_zps5901f0d7.jpg
We will be back! :D