Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cyberjaya Flyover Collapsed? Wanna Know Why? [PICS]

Goodness...I can't believe that this is happening here in Malaysia as well? A relatively new Cyberjaya Flyover COLLAPSED? I thought only in China we will have bridges, roads, railways collapsing due to corruptions...oppss...I forgot our Malaysian governments (almost all politicians) are unbelievably corrupted as well! Guess how many people were hurt? Fortunately nobody was a victim of our governments' greed. They are surely lamenting the timing of this collapse with the General Election looming so close...

 photo 01CyberjayaFlyoverCollapsedUltramanFighting_zps8a491ddb.jpg is an earthquake just happened here...isn't it?

So this shocking collapse of the flyover near Cyberjaya happened "majestically" today (Thursday) after at around 12:40p.m. according to an eyewitness. No one was injured as the road had been closed since December last week. It is learnt that this collapsed  flyover, an exit from the Elite Highway (KM P2.4) towards the Selangor Science Park 2, is under the management and owned by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) and the road below it is managed by PLUS Malaysia Berhad. Hmm...and PLUS Malaysia is directly linked to... *sniff sniff* smells so fishy...

 photo 02CyberjayaFlyoverCollapsedUltramanFighting_zps1e56d10a.jpg
Can't believe this bridge is this is like breaking "Kit Kat"?

Thankfully nobody was injured or else it will be a tragic day for us, Malaysians. It is good that they realized their own mess before it gets too late huh. I wonder what materials were used in the construction of this flyover? Don't tell me they use garbage, like those used to build bridge in China? Then again...was it solely due to corruption? Maybe it was an earthquake? Or there was another more inhumane thing taking place near the flyover earlier? Let's find out...

 photo 03CyberjayaFlyoverCollapsedUltramanFighting_zpsa82a2a91.jpg
It was because Ultraman was fighting with a monster.
That's why the flyover was accidentally damaged. Haha :D