Sunday, March 3, 2013

Real Instagram Camera From Polaroid [PICS]

Who would have thought that Instagram which revolutionize the way we snap photos will be real. Real in a sense that the iconic Instagram app will be brought to life in the guise of REAL square-shape Polaroid Socialmatic Camera. This unbelivable Instagram camera is actually a concept by ADR Studio. Of course this conceptualized Instagram Camera resembles the squarish app, and I am sure all hipsters and Instagramers can't wait to get their hands on the real Instagram. Ha :D

 photo MainInstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps87685800.jpg
The stunningly beautiful Instagram Camera!

Unless you are a photography purist, Instagram is fun to use for those who are creatively-inclined whereby you can transforms our ordinary photos into retro-style, artistry. Now imagine you can actually snap your photos using this real Instagram, apply filter and voila print your photos out instantly and share them with your friends. This is the power of Polaroid camera! This is cool or what?

Photos of the REAL Instagram Camera From Polaroid (Prototype)
 photo 02InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps809a2839.jpg
Behold: Instagram Camera for real.

 photo 03InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zpsacf41675.jpg
Instagram Camera from different angles.

 photo 04InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps0894260f.jpg
You can get yours in a beautiful casing.

 photo 05InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zpsdf88ac70.jpg
Your Instagram Camera (left) with its so-called paper cartridge.

 photo 06InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps423f45ed.jpg
It will elevate your social status for sure!

 photo 07InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps9eb3eeed.jpg
It's just like the Instagram App!

 photo 09InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps45400c7c.jpg
Snap, apply filter and voila you can print it out.

 photo 10InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zpsbf5520b1.jpg
Snap photos and share them immediately with your friends and family.

 photo 11InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps780a4697.jpg
Instant photo=Instant Gratification.

 photo 13InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic-InkSlot_zps98f38d45.jpg
Ink slot.

 photo 14InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic-ShotampZoom_zps09a6c7fb.jpg
Shot and Zoom.

 photo 15InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic-PrinterArea_zpsfb0caeb1.jpg
Print Area.

 photo 17InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic-PaperCatridgeSlot_zps3e7921bd.jpg
Paper cartridge slot.

 photo 18InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic_zps7052be5c.jpg
Personalize it to make yours.

 photo 16InstagramCameraPolaroidSocialmatic-LensesAndFlash_zps48dc320c.jpg
I so wanna get this Instagram Camera!

This Instagram Camera from Polaroid will feature 2 different lenses, an LED, a 4.3'inch touch screen and even optical zoom. You can also expect to have 16GB of storage onboard for all your snap, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a possibility that this cool camera can easily pair iPhone and Android phones for photos sharing. Besides, Instagram Camera will ship with its "InstaOS" which I believe is a tweak of Android OS. All the hipsters and Instagramers must be drooling right now...

Watch this real Instagram Camera in action!

Now for the not-so-good-news. It is reported that this Instagram Camera from Polaroid will only be available in the first quarter of 2014. Since we might need to wait for one more year to see if this concept camera can be really brought to life, why don't we start saving money to make sure we can really own this novel Instagram Camera next year. I believe it won't come cheap. :)