Tuesday, March 19, 2013

100,000 Monkeys Slaughtered In Malaysia Last Year?

I was shocked to read a news of the culling of almost 100,000 long-tailed macaques last year (2012) by our country's Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan). It was really a surprise to know that not a few but an unbelievable 100,000 of monkeys were killed in Malaysia in one single year. Goodness! This has gotta be one of the largest genocide of monkeys in the world! I was really, really dumbstruck when I looked at the statistics. What have these poor, innocent, almost defenseless monkeys done to deserve such cold-blooded punishment?

 photo 100000MonkeysSlaughteredInMalaysiaLastYear03_zpsc4674924.jpg
100,000 if these long-tailed macaques were killed in Malaysia last year (2012)

It is found that Johor topped the list with 20,600 of monkeys culled, followed by Selangor (18,000), Perak (16,000), Kedah (13,000), Pahang (8,100) and Negeri Sembilan (8,000). The total number of masaccared monkeys in Malaysia last year was 97,200 up from 87,900 in 2011. So in 2 years' time 185,100 monkeys were culled in Malaysia? These monkeys should not be exterminated as they were carrying no disease at all. So what are the reasons for us to kill them?

 photo 100000MonkeysSlaughteredInMalaysiaLastYear02_zps93a619b5.jpg
They are innocent creatures trying to survive...

If they are creating so-called trouble to us humans, aren't we supposed to relocate them to a place where they can call their own? Their home? We are the ones who have invaded their home and now we grabbed these monkeys by their throats and slaughtered them? We have to take up our moral responsibility to look after them; To create a new home-one, that we have snatched away from them and not killing them instead! *sigh* And we are condemning the Sulu Soldiers from slaughtering our policemen?

 photo 100000MonkeysSlaughteredInMalaysiaLastYear01_zpsd130356e.jpg
Horrifying numbers...

Aren't we driving these long-tailed macaques to extinction? Then again, a Perhilitan official explained that these monkeys were exterminated through an internationally accepted culling method to control "a population that far exceeded the proportionate capacity of its habitat". So we can just kill them? Now we Malaysians can play God and kill another species just because they have conflict with us? It has been reported that some of these captured wild macaques from Malaysia had ended up on dinner plates in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and other laboratories.

Great...so now we are making money by selling them as food and lab "rats"? What have become of us? Is this happening in other countries as well? Why are we treating these long-tailed macaques so inhumane? Don't these monkeys deserve to have their own lives, just like us humans? They have families too...they want to survive as well...how can we treat them like this?

What comes around goes around...