Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jordan & Jasmine Sleepily Watching CNY MTVs

Just in case you guys are wondering how are our little babies...they are doing great. Both of them have grown up quite a lot especially little Jasmine. It has been a while since both of them appear in this blog right? So maybe it is time for them to play some cameo roles again. I snapped their pictures while they are watching the Chinese New Year MTV. Both of them just woke up and obviously they were really not in the mood. They could hardly open their eyes. Ha :D

 photo BabiesWatchingTV01_zps04225c58.jpg
What are the two of you doing?

 photo BabiesWatchingTV02_zps1fdffbca.jpg
Jasmine girl has already noticed us.

 photo BabiesWatchingTV03_zps85f405a3.jpg
Look at her. She can hardly open her eyes. Ha :D

 photo BabiesWatchingTV04_zps4eac22df.jpg
Good morning Jasmine girl.

 photo BabiesWatchingTV05_zpsd8e6b1e3.jpg
How about you Jordan boy?

 photo BabiesWatchingTV06_zps14917685.jpg
It appears like Jordan he is not in the mood.

 photo BabiesWatchingTV07_zpsdf2cf735.jpg
What are you watching darling Jordan?

We have moved into our new home for than month already and both our little babies have adapted quite well. In fact I think they love this new home of theirs. Maybe it is because everything is bigger in their new home including their TV. From their 21'inch CRT TV to 40'inch LED TV, of course they are enjoying every single "pixel" of it. To watch Chinese New Year songs on it make it doubly awesome. Children really love Chinese New Year songs, don't they?

 photo BabiesWatchingTV08_zpse0e27438.jpg
So this is what they are watching. Can you guess what song is this?

 photo BabiesWatchingTV09_zps025d9cab.jpg
Look at how focused they are.

 photo BabiesWatchingTV10_zps69f03ca1.jpg
A bit too focused, maybe? :p

 photo BabiesWatchingTV11_zps3e98f04a.jpg
Jasmine: "Don't disturb us!"

Perhaps my timing is a bit off as both of them are still in their "sleeping" mode and they didn't wanna pose for the camera at all. All they wanted to do were to watch their TV, despite being really, really tired. I think they are practicing all the songs for Chinese New Year celebration. It's time of the year again for children to get ang pow, and the parents (me) to give out a lot. I am really broke...nevertheless, Happy Chinese New Year in advance everyone. :)

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